How To Financially Prepare for Uni; Boujee Budgets

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With the next academic year vastly approaching, I thought it only fitting to share some tips on how to financially prepare yourself for university! Most people overlook this part of planning among all the excitement but I think planning out your money and expenditure BEFORE starting each term is the most important part of preparation. Setting yourself up for financial stability will make your uni experience even more fun and 10X less stressful! So if you want to know how I personally make sure all my coins are together and my bank account is looking right keep on reading.. okay, LETS DO IT.

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Nineties & Noughties: My All Time Favourite Music Playlist

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So anybody that knows me, knows I live for the music of the decade that I was born in; the 90s!

Although I do keep up with the current charts, my playlists really comprises of the BEST old school music! I guess you could say I’m living in the past, but to me nothing these days quite compares to 90’s/ early 2000s RnB, am I right? AM I RIGHT? I’m talking from, Aaliyah to Snoop Dogg to Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Dr.Dre, Toni Braxton and the living legend herself miss Beyoncè Giselle Knowles-Carter! my ultimate favourite songs that if you don’t know I strongly recommend you get to be knowing, will be in bold! So if you want a MAJOR throwback or just some songs to add to your own playlists continue reading. OKAY! LETS DO IT.

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Freshers Week: 10 Tips on How To Make The Most Out of It

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It’s about that time again, that week where you get to unleash your inner crazy and spend all 168 hours of it waved AF. As we are less than a month away from the ratchet antics that we call freshers week, I thought I’d share 10 tips, based on my experience, on how to make the most of this time. So, let’s get straight into it.

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My Go To Affordable Lipsticks: Daytime and Evening Glam

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Today I wanted to share my personal favourite, affordable lipstick products for both day and night-time glam. I feel like these shades can be worn all year round but they especially compliment my summer wardrobe. So if you want to see how I slay my lips press that ‘continue reading’ button just below.. You know you want to booboo. Okay, LETS DO IT.

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Dealing with the satanic creation that is results day; I have my results, what now?

SO! everyone and their mother knows that every August there is that one demonic Thursday that causes stress, anxiety and just pure ratchet behaviour.

Having gone through the ordeal myself I completely relate to anyone who is receiving their results today. There is not much you can do to prepare one emotionally for the moment they open that envelope or email BUT fear not because whatever your grades, or whatever UCAS says, you WILL survive. More importantly, you will GROW. So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks for what to do during your results day experience. Continue reading