Dealing with the satanic creation that is results day; I have my results, what now?

SO! everyone and their mother knows that every August there is that one demonic Thursday that causes stress, anxiety and just pure ratchet behaviour.

Having gone through the ordeal myself I completely relate to anyone who is receiving their results today. There is not much you can do to prepare one emotionally for the moment they open that envelope or email BUT fear not because whatever your grades, or whatever UCAS says, you WILL survive. More importantly, you will GROW. So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks for what to do during your results day experience.

Scenario 1: your firm choice university has accepted you, hell has frozen over and you IZ off to uni HALLELU.beyonce celebrating gif.gif

All plans going well and with God’s grace you will open your results see the 3 As, Bs or Cs that you need and receive an email from UCAS that says congratulations with an annoying but rewarding confetti sign beside it. However.. we all know that it doesn’t go so smooth for everyone! Do NOT under any circumstance feel alone! Despite all the youtube reactions you have watched of people reacting to getting into their firm choice uni (oh yes, we’ve all been there hunty- ratchet behaviour exhibit A), there are more people that do not experience this outcome on results day than you think.

Therefore now, it’s time to make like Joanne and Scam your way into university. joanne the scammer gif.gif

Scenario 2: you have missed your firm choice but your insurance has accepted you.

provided that you thought the choice of your insurance through (which most people don’t) you should feel comfortable to attend this uni. HOWEVER, where is you gon LIVE? this is a dilemma that many students overlook and the race between you and all the other homeless students in your situation for accommodation is ON! this is

beyonce money gif.gif

particularly relevant if you are looking to go to university in London. Another frequently overlooked problem is that if you are now attending a university inside of London when your firm was outside or vice versa CONTACT STUDENT FINANCE because the amount you are entitled to WILL change and don’t miss out on that money baby.. errybody need they coins, okay? OKAY.

Scenario 3: you’ve narrowly missed out on your firm and insurance and now.. it’s time for clearing

ight ight ight.. so lets be real, you’ve probably not gotten any sleep, you are too nervous to eat breakfast. Ladies, makeup has gone out the window and your hair is looking worse than the hairstyles your mum used to send you to primary school with (if you know you know). in My case you are going to results day in your Pjs, eyebrowless and crusty lipped.. T r a g i c. You are already under an almost intolerable amount of stress so the first and most crucial thing to do is to REMAIN CALM. surround yourself with an efficient support system and most of the time this probably won’t be your parents. In my case on all of my results days year 11-13, my sister was there to help me get things done if needed and FAST and this is something I heavily suggest.

mama dee in that order gif

Do not fear clearing, it is there to help you and I personally know multiple people who have gotten into better unis than they originally applied to through this tool! The key is to PREPARE before hand by looking at the lists of degrees that are available on the universities’ official websites- these are usually released 1-2 days before results are released. Preparation is KEY or you are preparing to fail lads! With this in mind you will already know who you are calling and can even prioritise which unis to target the most with your trusty support system! There are people specifically hired to sit by the phone waiting for you to call with your £9K and your grades. From here, you will almost certainly find a place at a university that you will inevitably enjoy for 3 or more years.

In a failed attempt to keep this short and concise I have missed out a lot and, of course, Cresta does not know everything but I hope these key tips have helped at least one person not miss an opportunity of a lifetime. With this all being said, I hope results day is an amazing day for all and regardless of what happens you grow and gain an experience that will mould you for the future.

Don’t forget to stay calm and keep on slaying x ru paul gif.gif

P.s. Anyone who received their results today or in previous years and wish to share their experience please please puhleaseeee leave a comment, it could really help future students. More importantly, if you wanna share all the ratchet things you did during your anxious wait for your results feel free to shareeee.








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