Freshers Week: 10 Tips on How To Make The Most Out of It

Welcome back boo,

I hope you are all well.

It’s about that time again, that week where you get to unleash your inner crazy and spend all 168 hours of it waved AF. As we are less than a month away from the ratchet antics that we call freshers week, I thought I’d share 10 tips, based on my experience, on how to make the most of this time. So, let’s get straight into it.

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Tip 1: Group Chats

Join GC’s BEFORE you arrive so you know what events are going to pop off because who wants to waste an outfit on a dead night out? ya feel me? One of my favourite uses of group chats is that people will sell tickets for events that they’re not going to anymore and will usually sell them to you for a cheaper price -If you are a frugal-fran like me, this is how you save a coin hunny! Welcome to the student struggle.

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Tip 2: Actually go to Uni

Guys, it’s really not everyday party and everyday alcohol, freshers week also entails actually showing your face on campus for things such as welcome talks and freshers fairs! It sounds dead now, but trust me you will miss vital information if you do not attend! It took me over 3 weeks to access my timetable because instead of attending the talk that taught us about this, I was recovering from throwing it down on the dance floor the night before.. Tragic.

Going to freshers fair will help you meet people, join societies and explore what is available to you outside of your curriculum- get your 9K’s worth baby.


Tip 3:  ‘Pay Rent Before you Party’

These famous words from my mother dearest seemed like another lecture at the time but when you’ve blown £300 by day 5 because you’re seeing four digit numbers in your bank account, you’ll will be crying. And as Mary, my African and candid mum, says ‘drink your tears, its your own wahala (trouble)’ meaning Cresta, you is on your own b*tch. It is important to budget from day ONE, you are an adult now so get with the winning team and start spending like one! Get rent out of the way, calculate how much you have left for the rest of the term then put aside a SENSIBLE amount of money to play around with during freshers- and. In. That. Order.

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Tip 4: Don’t Lock Yourself Away Consumed By Decorating Your Room

This is something I almost succumbed to being a lover of interior design and ladies I’m talking to you! that faux fur rug can be ordered next week and that vanity unit can be put together after you’ve found some friends!


Tip 5: Munchies

set money aside for the junk food y’all are going to buy when you crawl out of the club at 3am holding your heels in one hand and potentially your wig in the other.. ratchet but necessary.

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These last few tips are specific to London freshers;


If you are joining a university in London in the coming weeks you surely know by now that there are events promoted by companies such as Lowercase where students from all universities in the big city can turn tf UP; And if you don’t know, get to be knowing. There are many other wristbands although this is the one I purchased when I was a fresher.

follow this link to the London Freshers Week Lowercase Wristband

Facebook page for a head start, you’re welcome 😉

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Tip 7: Travel as CHEAP as Possible

If you are truly a thrifty student your only mode of transport should be the bus or discounted UBERS during freshers week. Thanks to Sadiq Khan, you can now get from one end of London to the other for £1.50 as long as the second bus you get on is within half an hour of the departure from the first! More importantly, USE UBERS WISELY. As soon as you move into halls download the Uber app and utilise the £15 off your first ride feature! If you and your new friends come together you can get around the whole of freshers week FOR FREE BABY! you better save them coinssss.


Tip 8: Be Bad and Boujee

For the rest of the year you’re going to be a broke ass b*itch so use freshers to enjoy the finer things in London student life. Venture into the forbidden land, Every student’s kryptonite; oh yes, I’m talking about central. Enjoy Picadilly and clubs like Tiger Tiger while you can booboo because soon its about to be student union events galore.



Guys, pre-drinking is key! The prices of club drinks are near extortionate! I was once robbed £7.99 for ONE jäger bomb.. it’s a no from me. Club drinks are officially cancelled and bulk buying spirits in your local shop is the way forward.



Tip 10: Last but Certainly Not Least

You do not have to go out every single night to a club and get faded. Have you actually had a conversation with or gotten to know any of your flat mates/ friends? That girl you were twerking with in the club? Do you even know her name? I know I didn’t ;). Have a chilled night go to a bar with a more intimate setting and start actually building a connection with your friends! The most important part of freshers week for me was putting myself out there and finding people who could get me through the next three years of my life!


Welp! That’s it guys! A rather long post but I believe it will be useful! Let me know if this helped or inspired you in the comment section!

Incoming freshers let me know, What are you most excited for for freshers week? Or Do you have worries/ concerns? I am just a reply away so drop me a question below and I’ll gladly answer it for you.

Alumni freshers; let’s have some fun!

wendy williams

I want to know the most scandalous thing you did during freshers that your friends won’t let you live down? were you elbow deep in your overdraft by the end of it? Do you have advice of your own? Let’s discuss. I will be sharing the best replies on my official Instagram- @Crestasconfessions so follow to get involved with the discussion and be entertained.

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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