How To DIY on a Budget: Gutter to Glam Interior Decor

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My love for interior design grows everyday and I love doing it MYSELF! I always thought revamping items that most would usually just throw away was the best way to save money and get my creative hat on. So if you want to know how I went from THIS:


to THIS (oh yes):

finished product featured image

get with the winning team and keep reading. y’all ready to DIY? I thought so. LETS DO IT. 

Now guys, if your old possessions are literal TRASH y’all are better off parting ways! The quality of your items should still be at least at an 80% as we are looking to mostly fix the aesthetic! Okay so my mother being the hustler she is bought these set of draws second hand so I could have a cute lil bed-side table growing up. That’s right guys, this item is as OLD as me and it’s still standing! CAN I GET AN AMEN? God is really too good!


But obviously there has been some wear and tear and upon moving to London I wanted my room to look sexy as hell y’all so it just wasn’t making the CUT.

Now imma bout’ to hook a sister up because how I achieved the white marble aesthetic was SO easy and SO cheap! I managed to find this ‘sticker’ which was essentially a very large roll of self-adhesive marble looking vinyl material for just £6.39. £6.39?! B*TCHHHH if you don’t get you some of thisssss. The roll I purchased was 200cm x 67.5cm but there are larger/ smaller ones and alternatively you can buy multiple (it was THAT cheap). There are various designs and aesthetics, I just went with the marble feel because I thought it was sophisticated yet edgy and brings a sexy vibe to my interior decor, ya feel?  I will link multiple outlets/stores where you can purchase this below.

Okay so literally ALL you need is a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil/pen to mark the measurements and you’re good to go. When you receive the package if ordering online which I did, it’ll look a lil’ summin’ like this:


Ignore the ‘fragile’ because you have to be heavy handed to rip into this b*tch. Opening this packaging was the hardest part of it all. Sh*t was harder than getting into Barbie/Bratz packaging when I was younger (y’all know the struggle).

When you open it, the roll will look like THIS:

and will be slightly shiny; this does fade after application which I was happy about because I didn’t wan’t my finished look to be shiny tacky.

Now I’m sure you don’t need me to go through how to

  1. measure each section of your chest of draws you want to cover with literally any ruler
  2. mark these measurements out on the ratchet side of the roll
  3. cut it out using the scissors
  4. remove the peel back tape to reveal the self-adhesive and
  5. stick it down

but I just did anyway so you’re welcome ;).

WARNING: Once you are ready to stick it down, it will stick to ANYTHING and ERRYTHANG. This thing had NO chill. Be prepared to lift it back off and reposition it about 100 times (I exaggerate) but the good thing is it peels back very easily and remains sticky every time.

The entire process took me about 2 hours which seems long I won’t lie but I wanted to be very precise with the measurements and it took me a while to get the hang of it so if you aren’t basic like me I’m sure it will take you half the time guys! My finished product looked like this and needless to say I’m very happy with it:




I personally bought this off of amazon HERE so I can vouch for the quality of this seller. However it is also avaliable on Ebay HERE for even less and B&Q HERE ! I’m sure  there are loads of other places to get them but these are the ones I know of!

Welp! That’s all I’v got for today but I hope I helped save at least ONE ratchet item from being disowned. As melodramatic as I am, the student lifestyle is really a broke one (catch my previous post on How To Financially Prepare for Uni here) so if you wanna change your name to frugal fran and save a coin DIY tricks like this are the way to go!

Do YOU have any DIY tips for home decor? I wanna know your tricks from anything to everything. Recycling doesn’t have to always be about plastic bottles guys ;).

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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