Uni Decor on a Budget: How To Transform Your Room from Basic To MTV Cribs

Welcome Back Boo,

I hope you are all well!

This post can apply to anyone decorating their room but my fellow students; I am talking to you! I LOVE interior design so about 90% of my excitement for uni stemmed from getting to decorate my room from SCRATCH. Everyone knows uni accommodation is what? RATCHET! Don’t you want to turn your room from drab to decor goals? And y’all know I wouldn’t come to you without hooking you up with the best places to go to save that coin! So continue reading to find out how I transformed my space from THIS:


To This (YASSSS b*tch):


Okay guys so I am currently in my second year accommodation which is NOT halls. In halls rules are a bit more stringent so your creative freedom may be restricted BUT everything I have in my accommodation now can also be achieved in halls. (who else couldn’t keep up with the amount of times I said halls in that sentence because same)

1. Get your walls freshly painted!

First and foremost, the walls were painted in my new place (HALLELU) so that does contribute to the transformation process. If you are living outside of halls DEMAND for your walls to be painted if they are not up to an aesthetically pleasing standard, this is something well within your right to ask for but it is also your landlords right to let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord splitcha, I’m JUST sayinnnn.

2. Think of a colour scheme!

It is entirely up to you but I tend to go for colour schemes that involve a few neutrals (Black, white and grey) and one other colour (violet) to make it POP.

3. My next order of business was to get a bed frame!

Listen it does not matter if you are male or female a bed frame can bring together your WHOLE look! With the main neutral colour of my room being grey this is the colour I went for:

I love a black duvet. It’s sophisticated, retains heat and is EASY to keep clean- TRIPLE. THREAT. RIGHT. HERE. I usually like to chill and watch a bit of Youtube (check out my girl Just Tatenda ) in bed in the morning so I love for my favourite place in the entire world to be looking stylish. Now I know y’all are wondering where I got my cushions from. LADIES! Ladies PLEASE. Forget Zara Home, you will be broke the minute you step into that shop, do you want to bankrupt yourself? Zara has claimed too many students; abeg leave her alone she is NOT your friend.

I got all of these from Matalan Home, the larger one being £8 and both small ones £6. Thank me later baby.

I invested in some fairy lights to make my bed frame EXTRA spicy and I got these ladies and gentlemen..

fairy lights from Primark for 1 pound mutha f*ckin 50.. if God isn’t good I don’t know what he is y’all.

4.  Get you some shelves

Aside from being entirely functional, shelves can be decorated to really bring your room to life! Here’s how I slayed mine:

So there is ALOT going on but this is the fun area of my room purposefully decorated to bring the student vibe! If you read my last post on How To DIY on a Budget and achieve a marble aesthetic  you would have already recognised I also used it to decorate my bottom shelf- THIS is the kind of recycling I can get behind. Of course a room wouldn’t truly be mine until I displayed all my heels on some form of pedestal but y’all already knew I was extra. You can even coordinate them with your bags/purses and create an aesthetic like THIS:

shoes  yes LAWD. Am I Carrie from Sex & the City yet? I’m getting there guys 😉

5. How to slay your Shelves

Obviously the products on my shelves are going to be mainly applicable to my sistas from another mista! For example, feminine products can be stored in a cute makeup bag so they now become ornamental instead of an ugly cardboard box with a picture of a tampon on the front (NOT CUTE).

Everyone has like 928265381 skin, hair and hygiene products, why have them scattered all ova the gaff when you could store them neatly in a cute basket like THIS:

Guys I got this thing from Primark for £4 no lie I saw it in H&M home literally 10 minutes before for £15 .. H&M you know what you are: CANCELLED! Cancelled faster than you can say 419. Faster than you can say Fraud. Get yourself a Primark basket hunny and swim in ALL YOUR COINSSSS.

makeup brushes .JPG

As for my makeup brushes; remember when I told you to snatch as much as you can from home when Financially Preparing For Uni? WELL DIS IS WHY. Sis.. I don’t even know where this came from and it’s probably older than me. The way it was sitting in my house collecting dust I just HAD to save it and don’t it look cute? y’all know it looks cute! Steal you a pointless glass from home today and let your makeup brushes slay. The candles were £3 from Primark- again H&CancelledM were selling the exact same scent for £13..? ? Someone better come and collect H&M.

jewellery I usually keep all my jewellery in one place and to add more decoration I placed my monochrome clutch bag behind all my trinkets. Since I pretty much had nowhere else to store this I thought this idea was sensationallllll.


Aint NOTHIN’ sexier than a perfume collection! Ladies line all your scents up in formation for an organised feminine touch to your shelves! My favourite perfume is Beyonce ~ Heat which I have almost used up completely, but don’t you worry because I have three more bottles where THAT came from hunny.

keys 2

Okay guys now this concoction is a bit of a weird one. I was shopping in Mango on Oxford Street with the gyaldem and they sell their sunglasses in one of these really cute mesh bags with a drawstring. Now it was just too pretty to throw away so y’all know I found a use for it! Remember that glass I stole from home for my makeup brushes? Meet it’s twin. Literally ALL I did was put the bag in the glass like a bin liner (what kind of ratchet simile..?) and pull the draw string to secure it and I got myself a lil key holder.. I’m HIGHKEY gassed guys! HIGH. KEY. Key Ring was purchased from H&CancelledM for £4.99 before they downloaded their fraud status.

6. Vanity Corner: An Ode To Mrs. carter

So I call this area of my room the vanity corner for all Xtra bad b*tch decor. I Got this full length mirror from a home store called B&M in Essex. There are other branches around (so I’ve been told) but iv never actually come across another B&M store.. Booky? ya that’s definitely Booky. But you berra hunt down a B&M near you because CHILLDDDDD, I purchased this full length for £8.99! You best believe I walked out that place laughing at how much money I saved. B&M you’re doing amazing sweetie x

Now for all my Beyhive, both of these huge posters were £3.59 on Ebay- Free delivery. We tenk God. Since the Queen’s birthday is tomorrow, treat yourself on this national holiday to a new Bey Canvas!

7. Don’t be a Wardrobe Warrior

It’s really not everyday go to war with your wardrobe and battle your way through heaps of unorganised clothes. Get organised, stop hoarding and colour coordinate to make your wardrobe look neat and stylish! Hang your favourite items that compliment each other up and become a wardrobe WINNER!


Welp! After what feels like the longest post I’v written that is FINALLY it for my room decor! There are so many small things you can do for absolute free that will transform your room guys! It may not be 100% your dream room but you can work with what you got and still keep it spicy. Anyone else know any good stores to go home shopping in? Hook a sista up in the comments below!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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