ISSA Lookbook: Summer Aesthetics


How y’all doing today? I hope you’re doing well!

SO I’m not going to natter on too much in this post imma just get straight to it because y’all already know what it isssss. Imma hook a sista up with where I got my looks and prices below! So if you want to see my summer wardrobe and the kind of style I sport in this season/ the transition to autumn KEEP ON READING! alrighty folks? alrightttttt LETS DO IT.

summer lookbook intro .JPG1. Jumpsuits Are Bomb! purple 7

I Just love me a jumpsuit that hugs my figure/body! How POPPIN is this colour?! Y’all know it’s fly.  I got this lil number from New Look. It is a more formal outfit as I actually bought this for my sister’s graduation so it has amazing memories for me.

purple 6purple 2






This Jumpsuit was £8.. you heard me. 8 pounds! EIGHT MOTHA F*CKIN POUNDS! If that’s not a bargain I don’t know what IS.

Details are KEY! These earrings were also from New Look for £2! TWO MOTHA F- Ite onto the next one.


2. Remixed Ankara

ankara 5

Errybody knows I love wearing my traditional attire so combining my African and English cultures to create this piece makes it even more lit for me. I had this custom made in Naija so I can’t say where I got it but there are loads of professionals who can sew together a garment like this! Get with the winning team and GET YOU an ankara today ladies.

ankara 6

Boots ~ New Look ~ £32. These are quite expensive but oh sis they are worth it. They are quality footwear for ALL seasons! It’s not everyday save a coin, sometimes INVEST a coin, yasss.


3. Pretty in Pink!


errybody loves to get their Elle Woods on every once in a while right? Here’s my bend and snap; what’s yours? 😉














I’m not going to lie to you guys. I got this top from Mary’s closet so I don’t know for certain where it is from but she LIVES in Monsoon so I’m guessing its from there for anything over £20. It is a bit pricey but what have we learned today ladies? Save your bank account and go shopping in your mum’s wardrobe!

Skirt ~ New Look~ £9


4. Errybody Needs A Cute Button Up white 4

So! This dress was actually quite pricey- I hadn’t laid down a deposit for my second year uni accommodation yet and my student loan had just dropped so I was moving like Bill Gates tap tap tapping away on that contactless.. tragic. Had I been in my RIGHT (and frugal) mind I probably wouldn’t have bought this but now I have, I LOVE it and have no regrets. Everybody needs a Frivolous spend every once in a while.

white 5

Dress~ Misguided ~ £18

The clutch bag, again, shall I say was.. domestically procured (Shout out to all the younger siblings out there who spent their entire childhood routing through their sister’s wardrobe; we in this b*tch TOGETHER)! However, I found a dupe in River Island recently for £16, didn’t I tell you I’d hook a sista UP?


5. Put YOUR Freakum Dress On

floral 2

Every woman’s got one. I don’t even need to say where I got this from, y’all already know it was New Look. New Look is the PLUG! New Look is the new YOU! It was only £9 ladies. Sennnnnnsational.

The Duster was £12 from Primark guys.. There are some real gems in Primark and this is actually one of the most quality items in my wardrobe to date. Primark is the reason why H&Cancelled M stay irrelevant! However, I did buy this last year before Primark started losing they damn minds with their prices. They need to be humble and sit down before they join H&M in the cancelled hall of fame.

floral 5floral 3







The shoes you’ve seen in this and also looks 1, 3 & 4 were a gift from a good friend who couldn’t hack the heels on a night out so instead of displaying ratchet behaviour, sacrificed these killers to a more rightful owner; THIS is the kind of loyalty I can get behind (y’all know I took them off as soon as the shoot ended. this is THE most sunlight these motha f*ckas will EVER see- stay classy x)



6. Last But Not Least- Autumn Transitioning

autumn 2

So England has that weird transition during seasons where you don’t know if it is still summer or already autumn so in this sautumn weather it is key to wear light layers. If you hadn’t noticed already I live in dresses or skirts, y’all will catch me in trousers when pigs fly, get in formation and perform single ladies choreo in the sky. So invest in a midi dress and a cute mac to keep warm and bring that sexy autumn vibe to your wardrobe babyyyyy.

autumn 5autumn 1











autumn 3

Dress ~ New Look ~ £11

Mac ~Zara ~ £20

Bag ~ Birthday gift from my gyaldem ~ £0.00- Birthdays are the ultimate finesser


Welp! DASSIT! Iz finished. Iz Ova. That’s it from my summer lookbook guys! I hope you enjoyedddd. I will be doing an autumn lookbook very soon! Comment below your favourite look, mine’s look 2! What’s yours? 😉

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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