50 Cent did THAT: Power Season 4 Review

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Today. TODAY. I’m going to give you my take on the big rich town. This season of power did NOT disappoint, Uncle 50 really took this show to the TOP and I’m loving it! From Tariq being the most annoying child to ever live to Raina’s death to Eddie Murphy’s brother as a crooked prison guard- the drama was limitless. Just like my take on Game of Thrones Season 7, I do not know everyone’s names allow me and enjoy my pseudo names until further notice guys okrayyy? OKAY. LET DO IT.

50 cent gif

Angela Valdiablo GOTS TA GO.

Ite ite ite so we’ll start with everyone’s least favourite AUSA. This B*TCH. Angie hunny, I’m talking to you. HOW can you steal Tasha’s man then two seasons later return to destroy her home (literally)? TRASH.  Think you’re a bad b*tch now because you off’ed Greg’s killer? She deserves to go down more than ANY of them at this point with her crooked ass. ‘jamie did it’ ‘jamie’s not innocent’ ‘jamie hurt me’ ‘jamie’ jamieeeeeeeee’ *rolls eyes* DOES THIS BROTHA LOOK LIKE HE GOES BY JAMIE?! Ghost is a REAL mothaf*cka! Put some reSPEK on his name sis. Angela you are the weakest link.

girl bye



As much as I dislike Ghost, I have to respect him for how much he finessed this season. After ALL the odds were against him he still managed to walk away a free man and return to his family.. yeah not going to lie Ghost is THAT b*tch. My face when I realised ghost wasn’t dreaming when he killed the prison guard:

white guy blinking gif


Auntie Tasha has been through too much this season. I HATE the way Ghost ruined her life the minute he entered it. Mrs. St.Patrick iz. time. to. secure. you. a. new. boo. She needs to leave ratchet Terry Silver (DUMBass name) alone and find her a REAL MAN. In terms of Raina (her most promising child) .. yeah its peak.. it’s just peak. Like Raina was the only one I had hope in! Tariq is T R A S H. Half the time I forget the youngest exists, I don’t understand how she was literally a baby like two years ago and now she’s looking old enough to be my auntie.. the writers messed up. NONE of the kids look like Ghost OR Tasha I was slyly hoping one of them would be 50 Cent’s child because THEN the casting would make more sense.

tommy gif 2

La La

Although I wish her and Tommy would be more legitimate, Miss Anthony, clap for yourself. Clap. For. YOURSELF. La La (I forget her character’s name) is THE ride or die. I need more La La’s in my life, one can never have too many La Las. In fact everyone should aspire TO La La- sis is the real MVP.

lala gif

Tommy (Husband No.1)

Beef me if you’re feeling bad but Tommy is fine as hell. I don’t care what anybody says; the accent, the swag, the demeanour, the crazy and he’s EXTRA af. phenomenal. I love how he cares for those kids like they are his own, it is so heart warming to see a soft side to him, making his character all that bit more dynamic.

mariah clapping gif



Whatever they say he did, he DID that Sh*t.

I am 99% sure this man is not acting. That’s just 50, being 50. That’s just 50 on steroids. That’s 60. The real gag is he just couldn’t let himself die. Instead of a realistic storyline, 50 has now become a juju warrior of flames. HOW can he be locked in a burning building knocked TF out only to make a full recovery with no scars half a season later. Ju to the f*cking ju. But that’s not my portion, I’m not about to judge. So onto bigger things. I think it would be so interesting if they revealed that Tariq is SOMEHOW his son (and Tasha was ironically the first to have an affair) especially in light of the new almost paternal bond 50 has with Tariq the Trash Son. Then somehow he falls for Tasha and treats her better than Ghost EVER did.

mama dee in that order gif


THE most anticlimatic storyline. Her character progression was none existent. I am a big fan of Anika Noni-Rose because y’all know she was a dream girl but this role really let the season down. I don’t know if it was just me but I thought she should have been more evil than ALL of them combined! Instead, they had uncle 50 put a few bullets in her?!.. We all know evil does not die THAT easy!

50 shake his head gif


Please refer to the clause signposted ‘Dre’ until further notice.


Welp! That’s my take on the cast and storyline progression of Power Season 4! Let me know how YOU felt about it in the comments below!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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