Is University Worth It?

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You guys know that I am currently studying at university. This week I really want to discuss a question lots of my younger followers ask me; is university really worth it? Is it worth the £45K+ debt? Is it worth the three years of time that I could have used jumping straight into employment and getting experience? Is it worth the stress and mental challenges? Are you guaranteed a job afterwards? In light of recent governmental events, is it worth the inconvenient strikes? My answer to all of these in a nutshell is- University is what YOU make of it (I know, cliche right?) but there are a few things I want to share that could apply to future and current students. LET’S DO IT.

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*Disclaimer: I am by no means an educational expert or a career advising professional. This blog post is based solely on my personal experience and the opinions that I have gathered since being at university myself* 

So without sharing too much about myself (because y’all didn’t come here for that), I am half way through my degree and having been constantly reminded of this, I became reflective upon my experience here. University is more than late nights and rushed deadlines. It’s the 3 (or more) years in your life where you will grow up more than the 18 years that came before it.

Studying At A ‘Higher Level’

They call it higher education for a reason guys! The level and quantity of work you will tackle at uni is not even comparable to A-levels (or whatever you did prior to) so I’m not going to give you an extended metaphor about the ‘jump’ from secondary/ high school to University because the jump simply does not exist. Think of it more as a catapult.. but is the catapult worth it? 100%! I have grown more intellectually since being at uni than i ever did being tested by AQA, OCR and that weird exam board everyone pronounced ‘wajook’ when we all knew damn well that WJEC was an acronym. I really found myself and my own style of writing, something secondary school just did not allow for. Most importantly, I am confident in my ability to ARGUE. What I am writing may not be correct, I may not even know the theorist I’m evaluating, or the period of time I’m analysing, but when you’re studying something you are genuinely interested in it’ll surprise you how well you can make an argument out of ANYTHING! A teacher once told me ‘if you can’t wow them with your wisdom, baffle them with your bulls**t‘.. ratchet but effective ladies and gentlemen.

Time Management

My mum used to wake me up with a very loud phone call to Nigeria at ungodly hours of the morning, spraying me with holy water when praying or simply the classic walk into my room cuss me tf out and then walk back out FAILING to close the door after her. Until I got to uni I did not realise how these things were really just a mother’s way of getting me up to LIVE MY LIFE. I must say, I am not a morning person or easily productive; university taught me self motivation and endurance! These are all predictable things though so lemme spill the tea. OKAY so if you are lazy like me you know you will not make it to everything! If you want to get the best grade possible yet KNOW your ratchet tendencies, ditch the denial of ‘changing your body clock’ and simply choose your ventures wisely. Look at your syllabus, do you NEED that lecture? are you writing an essay on it? will it be in the exam? If the answer is no to all of those questions STAY YOUR A** IN BED! I’m 100% joking, get out of bed and use that time doing something fulfilling! Apply for that internship, write that blog post! Procrastinate with useful activities people!!

Adult Responsibilities

Right. Paying rent, paying bills, running a household, being in charge of large sums of money at one time, budgeting, balancing freedom and responsibility, basically keeping yourself alive; you have to do all those things now. Congratulations and welcome to hell. Every single day, you will have a concern! It may be minor, it may even be routinely and become habitual/ subconscious to you but you will have a responsibility to worry about. Prepare yourself for this now because it doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, if your hair isn’t co-orporating, if you had an argument with your friends, if you discovered your significant other is trash, that responsibility will STILL BE THERE! Remember that catapult I was talking about? Yuuuuuuuup.


looooooool you guys thought I was about to spill the tea and start talking about my love life, not toDAY y’all. What I do actually want to address is PARENTS! Those things you forget once you finally earn your freedom; Truth be told, my main motivation to get into uni was the prospect of moving OUT. But if i’m being 100% honest, I miss the african queen I call my mother every single day. You will miss your family more than you thought.. TRUST me! Is it worth it though? YES! Of course it is worth it, my number 1 fans are my family and although they miss my annoying a** they support me everyday through my degree! If your family does not- tell them I PERSONALLY said ‘do better.


University friendships are different to secondary school friendships. Trust me. You might have sustained a friendship all the way from primary through to secondary school and think you are a professional friendship expert. WRONG! Friends at university come in the form of peers, flat/house mates, colleagues, mentors and people you meet in the club bathroom and end up bonding with over LIFE (and your love for Beyonce). For me personally, every bad friend (or demon as I like to call them but y’all already know they’re the same thing) I have unfortunately, yet inevitably as part of life, acquired has been negated by the dozens of amazing friends that I have. University friendships will be some of the best you’ve made in your entire life but don’t forget what you have at home!


I won’t lie to y’all.. unless you are rich,  have those who can support you financially and savings university will be hard. This is the main thing I think people do not prepare you for properly. The financial burden similar to that of a full tax paying salary earning adult is suddenly on your newly grown shoulders and lordddttttttt it’s a struggle. My advice is candid but useful- FIND ANOTHER SOURCE OF MONEY OTHER THAN STUDENT FINANCE ENGLAND. Parents (which you should not be ashamed off by the way), a job, bursaries and plenty more are there to subsidize your uni experience and make it 100% worth it! Don’t be applying for a bursary if you are struggling to afford that new dress from Pretty Little Thing.. Serious candidates only please. I am going to do a separate post on university finance so I will leave it there on the subject of coins.

Employment Prospects

I feel as though in our generation, unfortunately, the power of degrees are becoming more and more redundant. Our parents encourage us to seek higher education so that we are almost guaranteed employment post-graduation, and high paying employment at that but that really is not the case anymore. Y’all know I keep it real, everyone and their mother has a degree in 2018 so you will need something MORE. Many people say that experience is actually more valued than a degree by employers; something I do not entirely agree with but does make practical sense. Take every opportunity and say yes to every challenge because these are things that can build your CV. Someone once told me that your CV should be more than 2 pages long, do not stop seeking experience once you have simply filled out the length of a standard CV! You need to be able to pick and choose which of your multitude of experiences you put on each job application. This is why i think university is worth it because most unis have career advising services that can really help you perfect your CV and appeal to top employers. Universities also hold workshops and sessions directly giving you information and connections to the industry, something I do not think I would have gained without coming to uni. Again, the experience is what you make of it.

Welp, that’s it for this week guys! Bit of a serious one but I did say I was here to address these thangssss! I announced across my social media that I’m going to be doing a ‘Get to Know Me Q&A’ soon and I’m still accepting questions so comment down below any that you would like me to answer (it can be about absolutely anything!). Next week’s post will be the second She’s The BOSS feature! The series of powerful women continues with a young, courageous business owner, stay tuneddddd…

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Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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11 thoughts on “Is University Worth It?

  1. That’s amazing you had that kind of experience and that you enjoyed it !! You’re right that everyone has a different perspective and different way about going at things. I for one did not go to university or college, I went straight to work and honestly don’t regret it. I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of experience and now I’m thinking of doing a couple courses because I actually am figuring out what I really wanna do. 😊

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  2. Absolutely loved reading this and thinking about my own uni experiences. I’ve learned so much coming into my second year having not returned home due to working away, really appreciate my friendships and parents more, feel as though I’ve really matured. I’m a better listener and more understanding of people and feelings. My personal growth has come a long way from A-Levels, so much more than going straight to work from school I feel. I’m excited for the future and growing even more as a person through and post university, I thought this post would be very useful to students looking at universities and courses! Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Shannon 🙌🏾 this is so flattering I’m so happy you enjoyed my post! I completely agree especially about maturing and learning about people’s feelings and adapting! I think the most important skill Iv learnt since being here is actually human interaction! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I can honestly relate to this post. Uni makes you realise things about yourself that you didn’t know were there and if you realised they were there it gives you a chance to exercise it even more. It’s amazing to think I’m currently in my second year and in two months it’ll be over 😢 the time goes WAYYY too fast !!


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