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As promised, this week is another addition of She’s The BOSS; A Series of Powerful Women. This week’s feature is the founder and CEO of Gleam Cosmetics, a UK based makeup brand which currently sells handcrafted, cruelty free & paraben free pressed glitters & highlighters. If you want to know a little more about what it takes to start your own makeup brand at such a young age keep on reading, we’re about to spill ALL the tea ladies and gentlemen.

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So I linked up with Leanne, Founder and Owner of ‘Gleam Cosmetics’ to ask her exactly how she became the boss lady she is today.

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Tell me about your brand! 

‘Gleam Cosmetics is a UK based makeup brand, which currently sells handcrafted, cruelty free & paraben free pressed glitters & highlighters. You can check us out at or search us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) @gleamcosmetics’

What inspired you to take such a unique idea and build it from the ground upwards?

‘There were so many reasons I decided to start my own brand, one of the main ones is because there is so much under representation in the makeup market and so many brands and products only cater to one skin tone. I pride myself and my brand on inclusion, and believe if you want something done right just do it yourself, so I did! I was also so inspired by the rise of black owned businesses, and so many girls around me being so successful by doing their own thing’

This is so inspiring and I especially admire your dedication to improving representation in the cosmetic market! Not only is it a good business move, it is also changing social stigmas surrounding what is defined as ‘beauty’, Brava! Such an ambitious project could not have been easy? Let’s keep it real now, you must have been scared to actually start your own business!

‘Yeah! I was actually really scared about so many things, but I worked so hard on everything that I really wasn’t going to let fear hold me back and I just had to have confidence in what I had created.’

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But didn’t you encounter any obstacles or set-backs along the way?  If so, how did you learn from this?

‘To be honest, initially getting it moving was an obstacle in itself. It was like one thing was going wrong after another, and it was way more work, and money, than I had anticipated. But I learnt that patience and persistence is so key and not to be disheartened. Also, taking it step by step instead of doing everything at once makes things so much easier as well.’

Completely agree with taking things step by step- I’m a strong advocate of crossing each bridge when you get to it! Let’s take things in our stride ladies! Anyway, so what advise would you give to someone starting their own cosmetic brand in today climate? Or ANY business for that matter!

‘I would say just do it, think big but start small!!! Starting a business can be hard, especially if you’re a student and/or doing it all by yourself. It’s so easy to have an idea and get carried away and wanting to do it all at once. Just take it one step at a time and eventually you can start to build on what you already have instead of overwhelming yourself from the start by trying to do everything. You also have to have confidence in what you create and believe in it!’

Such ambition and drive! I love it! In my (not so humble) opinion, the idea of a successful woman today is so different to stereotypes that previous generations have seen! Do you feel as though today’s more progressive social climate has made your path to success easier than those that came before you?

‘Maybe… I think although there is still progress to make, so many things are so different now. Things like social media have contributed to people being more connected, so much more open-minded and more expressive. People now have a platform to showcase who they are and what they do regardless of gender, race, class etc. which is a privilege previous generations didn’t have and helps out certain demographics more than others’

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On a more general note, we all know obviously there are various negative stereotypes that surround powerful women who own their own brand and are in managing positions with authority. And the ‘B’ word always comes to mind as it is often thrown out there so frivolously. What are your thoughts on the view that women are considered ‘a b**ch’ and not simply ‘the boss’?

‘It’s so destructive when you think about it, it’s one of many ways that women and their authority is undermined. It’s yet another double standard and probably comes from a place of intimidation and insecurity.’

100%! There is so much work yet to be done! However, I do believe our generation is the first to go this far in dismantling the gender barrier that stands between a man and a woman when accessing top jobs and powerful positions! This is due to not only girls being more mobilized through education, but also guys having a completely different mindset on gender roles in the ‘millennial age’ (don’t y’all hate it when grown-ups call us that lol). Do you agree?

‘Yeah there’s definitely been a huge amount of progress, but there is still a long way to go. That’s why it’s so important to support brands owned by women who are taking an active role in dismantling the gender barrier and empower each other’

I completely agree! So, finally, what has been your greatest achievement to date?

‘My greatest achievement so far has just been all the positive feedback I’ve received for my brand’ *cough go & buy something, xxx*😂’

Welp! You heard the lady! Head over to to order, and use the code ‘CRESTA’ for 15% off guys! See what you get when you stick around until the end of the post? Y’all know I stay hooking you up with the best deals!

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