Practical Magic: Renovation Projects That Deliver Style And Substance

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Check me out posting consistently (shamelessly proud of myself). You know by now that I am an avid advocate of interior design! When you’re remodeling or revamping your home, it’s wise to consider aesthetics and practicality. You want your home to look incredible, but it also needs to work for you. If you’re considering a makeover or you’re keen to maximize the space you have, here are some renovation projects that deliver both style and substance. I know that when I invest in my future home, these are things I definitely want to do So without further ado, let’s get straight into it! 

Attic conversion

Do you need an extra bedroom or would you love a home office? Are you short of a guest room or have you always wanted a studio or a music room? If you’ve got an attic, and it’s big enough to use as a room, it’s worth getting some quotes and going through ideas and plans to see how you could use the space, and how much it would cost. Loft rooms can add value, and they can provide you with extra room when you’re short on space. If you’ve got a loft room, this could also make your home more appealing to a wider range of buyers when you choose to sell.


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Have you got more than one car or is your garage full of tools, outdoor toys or equipment you need for work? If you need space to shelter your car or the van or truck you use for work, a carport is an excellent addition. You can choose from different styles, and you can even attempt the build yourself if you’re a skilled amateur. If you’re building a carport, take care to plan ahead, make sure you’ve got all the materials and equipment you need, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. If you’re not an expert when it comes to DIY, it’s best to get some quotes from experienced professionals.



Do you need more space to work or do you long for an area where you can relax? A conservatory is a wonderful addition to most homes, as it offers a versatile space that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In most cases, you’ll have a lovely view of the backyard, and you can enjoy the experience of being in the great outdoors even when the rain is bouncing down, or it’s cold outside. You can use conservatories as a work space, a dining and entertaining area or simply as a spot to curl up with a good book and chill out.

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Open plan living

Do you have a bijou kitchen or a cramped dining room? If so, it’s worth exploring the option of opening up the space to create a larger, brighter kitchen-diner. Open plan living is ideal for families and couples, and it also enables you to take advantage of every inch of living space. If you’ve got an open plan room, you can create separate areas for dining, cooking, catching up, working and watching TV using screens, furniture or different color themes.


Welp! That’s it for today guys! Are you thinking about renovating your home? Do you need more space or is your home not quite as practical as it could be? If you’re willing to take on a project, hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration. See you in the next one..

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