My take on the Me Too Movement; Staying safe!

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So I’ve been wanting to discuss an important issue for quite some time now. The Me Too movement is a movement which I think has infiltrated all areas of the media in 2018 but the underlying issue itself has always been present in every woman’s life in one way or another since pretty much the beginning of humanity. I want to make a mini series out of this where I speak about different elements of the movement in every post as I don’t think such a topic can be debunked in ONE post! Y’all know how passionate I am about not only empowering women but also ensuring our safety. So I have partnered up with We Love Dates to tell you a bit more about how to stay safe, and combat sexual harassment and abuse particularly on online dating platforms and out on dates; something everyone (including myself) does not consider enough these days. 

In today’s age there are so many people using virtual free dating sites. It is so important to stay safe when putting yourself out there whether you are female or male! So here are 5 ways to stay safe when finding love online.


  1. Make sure you always meet in a public place. I feel this is something we all say but never actually do; practice what you preach people! Meeting in a well lit and populated place not only ensures someone will have your back if something happens but actually deters anyone from hurting you in the first place! Prevention really is better than cure.
  2. Always let your friends know where you are. We all spill our love lives to our friends so while you’re telling your friend about that guy  you are talking to why not also give them your location. Someone else knowing where you are can be crucial in a moment of emergency.
  3. When putting yourself out there online. screen the information you are putting out there BEFORE you do it. Once something is on the internet it is there forever so you do not want to put personal information such as your address and/or national insurance number on a dating site; there are some real creeps out there guys.
  4. Pictures are actually more important than you think. We’ve all seen catfish, I’m not saying accuse everyone of being one but be realistic. If someone’s picture isn’t adding up to their profile in anyway you are best off moving on! Safety is the main priority.
  5. As a follow up from number 4, try meeting over virtual means first. Get to know your prospective significant other on FaceTime or Skype! This means you already know their mannerisms and meeting them for the first time in person can be less daunting.


Welpppp that’s all I got for staying safe online. Having discovered that many women have been assaulted by strangers that they do not know nor give consent in any way or form to, let’s get to know the people we are inviting into our lives people! The most important thing is to listen to your instincts, they are very rarely wrong and if you follow your gut you could meet someone great online!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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