Goodbye Gym: Activities that Are Fun, Social, and Healthy

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I hope you are well!

Yes, we all know that we should be hitting the gym, eating well, and staying healthy, yadda yadda yadda. But really, let’s be honest: the gym isn’t exactly the most exciting place on earth. There are always too many people there, they tend to smell a little funky, and all we do when we get there is work up a sweat. Who wants that in that life? Nobody! Luckily, you don’t need to have a gym membership to stay healthy. There are many other fun options available, as we’ll see below. So let’s get straight into it. 

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Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors is nature’s gym, and it provides a wide range of activities to get you active and healthy. If you’re a complete beginner, then it’s recommended to find a beautiful spot, pack a packed lunch, and go out for a stroll. Once you’ve seen the benefits of being in the outdoors, you can look at upping your hiking level, getting a bike and going for a ride, or hitting the water in a kayak. There are real mental benefits to spending time in nature, too, so you’ll be getting healthy in more ways than one.


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Team Sports

You can also get fit without even realising it by participating in team sports. You’ll be having too much fun to realise that you’re giving yourself a workout! Find a sport that’s social yet fun, such as football, tag rugby, basketball, or volleyball, and you’ll be learning a new skill, getting fit, and spending time with new and old friends. This isn’t just something you can do to get rid of those extra pounds that have been piling up; team sports are as much about the camaraderie and competition as anything else.


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One on One

If you’ve got a friend who’s also longing to rip up their gym membership, then why not pick a one on one sport, and get healthy – and competitive – together? It’s best to pick a sport that neither of you has played before, so it’s a level playing field. In terms of fitness, it’s hard to look past squash. You’re running nearly non-stop for 45 minutes! You can also look at tennis, or one on one basketball.



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Challenging Yourself

Not that you necessarily need an opponent. Sometimes, the best person to play against is yourself! There is a long list of individual sports that’ll have you getting fitter in no time at all, providing you have the motivation to be better next week than you are today. Get into climbing, and you’ll quickly see that your forearms are getting stronger and stronger. Alternatively, you can get out onto the water and try your hand at kayaking. When the wind picks up, it takes a fair bit of effort to stay on course – and that’ll mean you’re giving your body a robust workout.


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Get Dirty Outside

Finally, consider getting dirty by joining a vegetable patch or organic garden. You’ll be using your hands, exerting energy, and receiving all the mental health benefits of being outside, too.

Welp! There you have it, all the tips you need to become more healthy without the gym! Let’s have fun whilst challenging ourselves people!!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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