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on budget bedroom upgrades

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Whether you’re bored of your bedroom decor or you would like it to be a little more comfortable, there are lots of small things you can do to spruce up the space that doesn’t involve a full-blown renovation or a big budget. It’s easy to get bored of the same old decor or sick of the way your mattress hurts your back and when that happens you often dream of a huge style makeover the likes of which would gain you thousands of Pinterest followers, and empty out your bank account, but with these simple upgrades, you don’t need any of that…

Invest in a More Supportive Mattress

The number one thing you can do to upgrade your bedroom in the comfort stakes at least is to buy a better mattress. If you pocket sprung mattress guide, you will see that doing so doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive mattress out there, but the one that is most suited to your size, shape and preferences. That’s why it’s always a good idea to research the subject, and preferably if you can, try out as many different mattresses as you can before you buy one. If they’re cheaper online, simply try them out in the store and then buy when you get home.


Create Your Own Picture Wall

on budget bedroom upgrade

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If you want your decor to be more interesting but you don’t fancy doing any painting and decorating, the picture wall is your best friend. Simply collect together as many pictures of friends and family, postcards and even posters or prints of your favourite subjects, and arrange them on the wall in as arty a way as you can manage. Ideally, you should frame them – charity shops are a good source of cheap frames – but if you can’t afford that, using washi tape to give them a border, or even just sticking them on the wall with Blu-Tac will be fine.


‘Wallpaper’ with Fabric

This is another good option for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of time decorating or those of you who are renting and cannot make any permanent changes to your bedroom, All you need to do is find a large piece of fabric featuring a design that you love, and then hang it on a feature wall. Placing it behind the bed tends to look less, but since you can take it down easily at any time, feel free to experiment and see what works for you.


Plump for Plusher Pillows

on budget bedroom upgrades 3

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If you want your bedroom to be more comfortable and look more expensive, get rid of those old, flat pillows and cushions and invest in a new set that are big, plump and beautiful. The more different textures,colours and shapes you can add to your cushion collection, the cosier and comforting it will be.


Ditch the Clutter

Looking for a no-cost solution to upgrade the bedroom? Take a weekend and sweep through the room working out which items are essential, which items you really love and which you can get rid of, Then donate, sell or throw away the excess for a bedroom that is way more streamlined, sophisticated and expensive looking without having to spend a single penny – you might even make money!


Refinish the Furniture

on budget bedroom upgrades 3

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If your wardrobe is looking old and worn or your dressing table could do with an upgrade, instead of wastefully throwing them out and buying replacements, do it on budget by getting some sandpaper, removing the finish, priming the wood and then repainting them with a pretty pastel colour or timeless white hue. Then, remove the handles and replace them with nice crystal, silver or gold versions for a piece of furniture that you’ll barely recognise an which will instantly give your bedroom a fresh new lift.


Reposition the Furniture

Another bedroom upgrade that won’t cost you any money is repositioning the furniture. It really is amazing how different, and fresh, a room can look when you change its layout. In the bedroom, experiment with putting the bed in the centre of the room as opposed to against the wall, to create cosy little nooks, or simply try having it face another direction to give you a whole new perspective on your space.


Create a Canopy

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Bare beds tend to look a little cheap and uninspiring, so why not dress yours up a little by creating a canopy for it. You can do this by investing in a poster bed, or more cheaply by draping some fabric over it by stapling it to the ceiling.


Welp! Your bedroom really can be beautiful no matter what your budget!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo


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