Calling All Chocolate Lovers..

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Today’s post is about something we alllllllll know and love so well, our closest and best friend, chocolate! Y’all know how much I love eating it but I also love seeing it in a sculptured form; food really is fun! With Craft Beer and Craft Coffee being well established in the UK, we now find ourselves discovering the world of Craft Chocolate – the yummiest craft by far! So today,  I have partnered up with Craft Chocolate Online to embrace the pureness of craft chocolate! So without further ado, Let’s get straight into it!

They’re creative

What people can make and their ability to generate ideas is mind-blowing and the creativity surrounding craft chocolate is some of the most innovative I have ever seen! What I love the most is the intricacy of it all, the detail that goes into every piece makes it even more magical. If it wasn’t for the deliciousness I wouldn’t even know it was chocolate! Just look at how beautiful this is:

craft chocolate 1

Almost too good to eat! (Almost ;)) We have seen big successes in the past for craft beer and coffee as it has been very successful over the years and now it is being joined by the chocolate industry as a highly lucrative global industry! We all know how much we love chocolate here in the UK so this is good news for us ladies and gentlemen!!

They’re Unique!

These treats could make the most original gifts and are suitable for any occasion! There is nothing more unique than a perfectly sculptured piece of chocolate artwork! Why not gift your loved one some craft chocolate on your anniversary? Or your mum for Mother’s Day? Or yourself for… well… any day?

craft chocolate 2

If you want to try something unique and with a bit of a twist, this is definitely something you’re going to want to find out a little more about. Be unpredictable and surprise someone with a chocolate sculpture today!

Craft Chocolate Bars

Everyone knows that a lot goes into sculpting craft chocolate bars including cocoa bean preparation, removing the bean shells and MUCH MORE, how fascinating! Chocolatiers are some of the most creative people, providing us with a new adventurous experience of chocolate making (and eating)!

craft choco 3

Just imagine having a chocolate sculpture of yourself or your idol! No need for portraits or posters anymore, this is 10X the amount of fun!

‘The good news for us chocolate lovers out there is that the growth of these bespoke chocolates is giving us plenty of new treats to experience, and more ways than ever before to quell those delicious cravings!’  [quoted from Craft Chocolate Online]

Welp! Now you can say you learned about a whole new industry that you never knew you needed but you definitely did; the craft chocolate industry! Chocolate sculptures are not only a bit of fun but also a source of comfort and an overall experience for many people so I hope you have all been inspired by the art of crafting chocolate in this post!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo

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