Here’s How You Can Achieve Your Dreams of A Tidy Home

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Keeping a clean home can sometimes seem like one of the trickiest tasks in the world. Sure, we manage to hold down a job, and may even be involved in serious decision-making and important organisation at work. And sure, we may be able to meet our friends punctually, and never miss an appointment with the hairdresser. But something about keeping our own personal space neat, tidy, and organised can cause major issues, for whatever reason. If this sounds like you, here are a few tips for making a clean house a reality in your life.

Begin with a major weekend clean-up (and DIY session)

The first step to keeping a house clean is to actually get in clean and then to apply strategies to prevent it from degenerating from that state. What this means is that you’ve got to set aside some time — maybe a pretty big chunk of time, like a whole weekend — to attacking those piles of dirty dishes, cardboard boxes, and mounds of clutter scattered all about.

Focus on a few key tasks; ensure there’s nothing on the floors or surfaces that isn’t meant to be there, make sure everything is packed away something neatly, and not just stuffed into a cupboard in one big pile, vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom and kitchen, do the dishes.

In addition to the clean-up itself, this is an ideal time to address any DIY jobs big or small that must be attended to. That could mean visiting a vinyl flooring store to replace a damaged section of flooring in your kitchen, or it could mean buying a new tap for your bath.

Implement habits which will keep things neat

Things didn’t get messy in the first place for no reason; they got messy because you fell into a pattern of bad habits that caused the mess and clutter to build up.

The antidote to that isn’t just doing one big clean up (although that’s an essential part of the process), the antidote is to acquire good habits that will lead you to keep things in order automatically.

In the book, “The Power of Habit”, author Charles Duhigg outlines the pattern of the “habit loop”. First, we experience a trigger to perform a habit — something waking, smelling coffee, etc. Next, we perform the habit. Finally, we experience the “reward” — usually something like entertainment, distraction, etc.

To successfully remodel our habits we need to apply the habit loop. Try something like this — when you finish eating a meal, wash your plate immediately, then listen to a song you really like.

If you ever get snowed under, keep a checklist of what you need to get around to doing

From time to time everyone gets snowed under. A bit of occasional mess isn’t a major crisis, unless you allow yourself to fall into a rut and backslide into a completely chaotic living situation.
Whenever you find that you’re just completely swamped and don’t have time to keep things properly tidy, make a checklist of every task you’ll need to get around to when you have the chance — and then cross off every item on the checklist as soon as you possibly can.


Welp! That’s it for this post and I hope you picked up on some helpful tips for keeping that house in tip top condition!

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