Turn Your Humble Home Into a Dazzling Designer Dwelling

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You know what it feels like to scour through home interior magazine and gaze awe-inspiringly at the delicate designer furniture displayed in every room. If only your home could be so full of elegance and luxury, you would feel satisfied with your home at last. You find yourself looking through furniture stores, but aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to creating your designer dwelling. There are so many different aspects to consider, not even mentioning the steep price tags. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way; you can achieve a glamorous designer home on a budget and without spending weeks and week refurbishing. Let’s discover how to make it happen for you.

Designer Décor

A chic, designer home isn’t too hard to come by. You can kit out your lounge, bedroom and kitchen as if you were an A list celebrity, just check out this Palazzo Collezioni. They offer a huge variety of designer home wear to suit everybody’s styles, needs and personal tastes, so check out their collection now. From sumptuous sofas to dazzling dining tables, you could have the ultimate designer home if you just shop in the right places.

A Touch of Class

Adding a little hint of class to your home is easy, if you know how. What is it that makes the glamorous houses in the magazines stand out and look so royal? It is true that there are handful of things, but one of the simplest elements would be wooden floors. They are high-class element that you need to include in your household, in order to give it the hint of pizzazz it needs.

designer dwelling


Homely Hues

The overall color scheme of your home can hugely affect the ambiance. Depending on your personal tastes, you might want to opt for decadent colors which exude royalty and sophistication. Perhaps you would prefer light and bright hues which give the illusion of space throughout your home. Make sure you choose complimenting colors to match your chosen designer furniture and you won’t be able to go wrong.

Sophisticated Accessories

The devil is in the detail when it comes to making your home feel dazzling and designer. Too many accessories might make your home feel cluttered and overbearing, whereas too little might make it feel empty and cold. Most designer homes opt for the more minimalistic approach, but choose one or two accentuated accessories to really make the room pop. Whether it is an ornate vase bursting with brightly colored flowers or a delicate picture frame containing subtle artwork, choose one item per room which will make it look and feel unique.


So live in the designer home you were always meant to have; feel like the queen you are as you relax in your newly decorated house after a long, hard day at work. Your home will soon be worthy of a double page spread in your favourite magazine, so no more lusting after celebrity homes, you will be living in the real life thing!

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