Cutting Costs When Remodelling Your Kitchen

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Most of us have certain luxury features in mind when renovating our kitchen, whether it be granite countertops or chrome taps. These features often come with a large price tag, however there are tricks that can allow you to still include these luxuries whilst not spending a fortune. Here are just a few of those tricks for helping you to cut costs.

Bring your cabinets to life with a new splash of paint

Want some glossy new cabinets for your kitchen? Installing new kitchen cabinets can be an expensive job – it’s often advisable to hire professionals given that the weight and level has to be perfect to stop the doors coming open or contents sliding out. You could save costs by simply repainting these cabinets instead if it’s simply the appearance that’s a probably. There are lots of glossy wood paints that are easy to apply yourself and cheap to buy. You can even buy new handles to make your cabinets feel truly brand new.


Use imitation materials for countertops

Everyone wants expensive looking countertops. Often the best-looking materials are the most expensive – this includes woods like mahogany and black walnut and stones like marble and granite. One way to still get these stylish countertops on a budget is simply to fake them. You can buy wooden countertops made of cheap composite woods like plywood and chipboard that are then veneered with a thin a layer of expensive laminated wood. This could allow you to buy a cheap worktop with all the aesthetics of a luxury wood. Similarly, there are spray-on granite paints out there such as Montana Granite effect – this could be used to make a cheap plastic countertop look like high-end stone.


Replace fixtures, but don’t move them

New fixtures like ovens, sinks and dishwashers will cost you a lot of money to buy, but they could be a great investment. Many modern fixtures are more economical and durable than past appliances. The likes of Tap Warehouse do some great affordable sinks with a luxury appearance, whilst you can find many luxury ovens second-hand. If possible, just try not to relocate these fixtures to another part of the kitchen. Moving these fixtures could mean installing additional gas and water plumbing, which can be very costly. By keeping fixtures in the same place and working your design around them, you’ll save a lot of money.


Use click-fit flooring

If your kitchen floor is looking worn, you may be apprehensive about ripping this all up and replacing it – especially if it’s a wooden floor. A cheaper option could be to add a thin click-fit layer over the top using a company such as XL Flooring. This simply disguises the floor beneath, giving the illusion of a shiny new floor.


Opt for track lighting

When it comes to brightening up a gloomy kitchen, wiring in extra lighting can be another added cost to consider. When it comes to bright overhead lighting, your best option is track lighting. This is much cheaper to wire in than spot lighting as all the wiring is in one place. It’s also just as effective at brightening up the room – lights can be carefully positioned so that they aim at recesses and alcoves, illuminating them the same way that a spot light would.

Remodelling can be cost-effective after all! I hope these tips and tricks can be put to good use for a lot of you!

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