Designing Your Best Dining Room

The dining room is the place where we sit, eat, talk, and often end up working. It has a good surface, probably Grandma’s china in a cabinet in the corner, and maybe some good drinks stored high up on shelves out of little hands’ way! But is that all you can do with the space? Is it as aerated and comfortable as possible, helping the food to go down and making sure everyone in your family can talk to each other openly and honestly?

It’s a good project now that you’ve got the summer ahead of you, and plenty of opportunities to have some roaring dinner parties. Now that you’ve done the kitchen, it’s time to dine in style and comfort by focusing your efforts on the dinner table. Here’s a couple of ideas that might just inspire you!

dining room


Work with What You Have

Maybe you’re tired of the old chairs you’re using, and the table cloth has been washed one too many times and has lost some of its colour. Don’t worry, it won’t cost too much to work with what you have here, as you can easily throw out that tablecloth and get some mats to put plates, knives and forks on, and dramatically improve the look of your tabletop. It might even come across as something straight out of a high end restaurant!

Then invest in some slip covers to make sure those chairs are covered up and still usable in your new and improved dining space. All sorts of designs on these fabrics are available, and you can swap them out every other day if you really want to keep your space fresh and fun to sit in.


Open Up to the Outside

You like looking out of the window to see a perfect lawn and some colourful flowers, don’t you? Well whilst you’re eating, it can introduce a really blissful feeling to your mealtimes! And it can show off your amazing gardening skills to your in-laws or your best friend who’s always on about her latest art project.

Having some windows or french doors available to open up the garden to you as you’re sitting inside is a great design choice, and it’s something a lot of people are going to be impressed by when it comes to selling on if you ever make that decision. You can look into your various options with this style in mind at sites like Buckingham Double Glazing, and it never costs anything to dream about what you can do with your space!


Get Some Colour

A quick tip to finish. If you’re sitting in a white or brown room and you’re sick of the same colour on all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor, it’s time to make a change. Get some colourful curtains, a good rug, and maybe even some new paint if you’ve got the time to redecorate.


Your dining room deserves a fresh lick of paint and plenty of your imaginative creativity, treat it!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo

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One thought on “Designing Your Best Dining Room

  1. We use our dining room as a study area funny enough 😄 and on Sundays we normally play games on the big round table. It’s really one of my favourite places in the room. It must be because it’s quite open and airy too🤗


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