How to survive the World Cup

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The Football World Cup has arrived, and that can only mean one thing, you will come across people who can’t get enough of it, and you will have people who wish it would end tomorrow, no, right now. For those who are part of the former group: enjoy; for the latter group: there is help. Let’s face it, it’s not going to go away until the home team gets knocked out, and even then, people will still be going on about it until the final whistle of the last match (which is on the 15th of July). So unless you managed to squirrel away four weeks of annual leave and have booked a flight to somewhere that is entirely unaffected by the world’s most popular sport, you would have to make some life-altering changes to your life and attitude. Here are a few to consider.

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Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

Try playing the sport. Sure, you most likely passed on the chance to play the game professionally. You had a freekick like Beckham, the physical dexterity of Ronaldo and the genius virtuoso of Messi, but that office job just wasn’t a chance you could let go by. Even if you only play with equally out-of-shape peers, the sport is about doing it together. Having landed that freekick or making that terrible mistake you made that made you fall flat on your face, those are all part of the sport and team fabric that makes it enjoyable. Supporting a local or national team is simply an extension of that.


Watch the TV talking heads that would call themselves pundits. One of the side effects of getting more money into sports is the subsequent additional TV coverage, or was it the other way around? With additional TV coverage comes a whole horde of ex-professionals that are asked to give their opinion on everything. And although some are generally gifted to entertain, being asked about everything for a punishing number of hours in the week in front of the camera, it just causes the pundits to come up with some right screamers. It’s the new nation’s pastime, talking about some of the things the pundits came up with, it’s becoming almost as iconic as talking about the weather!

Get some skin in the game. Undoubtedly your office has started a World Cup pool. It’s a way you can get involved without thinking about it too much. A small contribution and a grab in the bag will give you a team to support. Maybe you will get Japan and that £5 you put in is as good as gone. It gets fun if you get the likes of Germany, which will not only give you a real contender but for some countries also the most hated nation in sports. Be careful however with blowing the horn for your World Cup country of choice or the luck of the draw, especially when the home team has already exited the tournament. If you need to support your team in a less out-in-the-open way, you can place a bet on them perhaps, or try the new for mixing up your new-found sports supporting mentality with some exciting casino like play.

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