Have Your Finger On The Pulse Of These Future Living Room Trends

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If you’ve been considering giving your living room a makeover in the not too distant future, you want to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to become seduced by an interior design trend that ends up being a fad. When spending thousands on a new look for your home, you want it to stand the test of time. That’s why you need to keep abreast of the design trends that are seeing a surge in popularity as well as those that have never really fallen out of fashion. While avocado bathroom suites were all the rage for about six months in 1972, they have never seen a resurgence. Take a look at these living room trends that are sure to inspire you when you give your pad a makeover.


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Minimalist (But Not Too Minimalist)

The notion of sleek lines, unfussy furniture and an uncluttered living space has been present for at least the last twenty years. While at one point, we were basking in white walls, white sofas and white drapery, we now welcome the opportunity to splash a little more colour onto our living room palettes. Personality is needed within your living room. So, don’t opt for magnolia hued walls, brown leather recliners and a nondescript Scandinavian coffee table. Inject some life and individuality into your interior design. Opt for different textures in your cushions, put up some cool artwork and enjoy a carpet that is checkered or patterned. Minimalism is still on trend, but clinical is not.


Big Ticket Items

It’s always effective when redesigning a room in your home to have a focal point. In a living room, this could be a fireplace, a piece of furniture or a sculptural piece. It pays to spend your money wisely on something that you will keep for decades to come. See this as an investment. You could restore your old Victorian fireplace by inserting a cast iron grate, sourcing original nineteenth-century tiles and laying a marble plinth. If you are struggling to fund this, you could always investigate one of the many homeowner loans available, a 0% credit card or the bank. This way, you can update your humble abode, and increase your credit score in the process by managing your short-term debt.



When it comes to the flooring of your living room, the world is your oyster. Interior designers across the globe are welcoming the joys of laminate flooring like they never have before. Advances in technology and manufacturing mean that you can lay some tongue and groove MDF panels that look identical to oak wooden floorboards. They are durable, resilient and ideal for the smaller human beings and pets in our homes.


You might prefer to go down the classic route of carpet. There’s nothing better on a winter’s evening to feel a plush shag pile under your toes as the fire is warming up your cosy snug. You could opt for a simple plain color or be a bit more adventurous with plaid or stripes. Just keep in mind that if you have little ones, any stains will show up, unlike the laminate that can be easily wiped clean.


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Natural Light

People adore natural light. Just because you have windows doesn’t mean you are utilising the natural light you have available in the best possible way. Make sure your drapery is light and made of a reflective material. Bounce the available light across your room by using a satin finish paint and by installing a mirror or two. For a vintage look, opt for the curvy teak edged mirrors and for a grander finish, go for the gold gilt frames. Light and bright rooms foster a more positive well being and can create the illusion of space.


It’s ideal if you can use a mixture of vintage, modern, budget and expensive items within your room. Head to the discount stores and pick up that ridiculously cheap coffee table on sale that is ex-display. There’s no shame in it! At the same time, don’t feel embarrassed to purchase the TV stand that costs as much as a small hatchback. This is your living space, and it needs to be bespoke to you and your family. You need to enjoy the heart of your home. As long as you are on trend and expressing your personality, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your decor.


Redesigning any room of your home should be fun and give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. It’s vital that you choose a look that will remain current for the foreseeable future and doesn’t see you redecorating again in less than year’s time. Use these key ideas to inspire the future interior look of your living space.

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