Making The Front Of Your Home Feel Fresh And Modern

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You will find an extensive amount of blogs, magazines, and videos online dedicated to renovating and decorating the inside of your home, but what about the front facade of your house? Doesn’t that need to be given some care and attention too? Well, the answer is yes, it should, especially if you are trying to improve the look of your property and increase its value. To that end, you will find some simple tactics to use to create a modern and fresh feeling home frontage.

A poor home frontage can reduce your properties value.

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One area of the frontage of a property that can often be forgotten is the roof. However, because it is an aspect that is visible from the street, it needs to be taken care of in the same way that any other feature would be. Sadly, this can be problematic because repairing, or replacing roofs can be an expensive job.

Therefore, to avoid having to do too much work on your roof, it’s important to check it regularly for missing tiles, and leaks. You may even wish to consider replacing your roof entirely here, as the style of your roof flat rooftops can look modern, they often allow water to pool and can create problems later on.


People don’t tend to give guttering too much thought, after all, it’s just a particle feature that allows rain to drain away from your walls and roof. However, lousy guttering can let down the entire look of your property’s frontage.

In fact, if your guttering is faulty, it can result in staining and even damp problem inside the house. To that end, it’s always worth picking out gutters that are modern, and that matches the style of your property as well. Also, do you best to check and maintain it by adding in nest protectors and clearing out dead leaves and garden debris regularly.


A homes’ windows are the essence of its frontage. What this means is that windows need to be kept clean, and in good repair to look their best.

Therefore if you are stuck with aging and dirty frame and panes of glass, it may be time to get them replaced. Of course, doing this correctly does mean that you must pick windows that fit in with the style and period of your home. Otherwise, they can look missed match and detract from the overall finish you are trying to create.

In fact, windows that are poorly selected can also reduce the overall value of your property, so it’s super important that pick ones that are at least sympathetic to the dominant aesthetic.


Most homes have a garage at the front, so that mean it’s essential to deal with how the looks too. Luckily, garages are usually not tough to spruce up a bit. In particular, getting things like one of these roller doors, as well as painting the front of the garage can help refresh this area without it costing you too much time or effort.

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Also, don’t forget that doing some work on the driveway and approach to the garage such as weeding, and tidying of plants, and repairing of the driveway surface can make a massive difference to the look of their areas as well.


It is common to find a front garden in many properties, and this can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to making your property look fresh and modern. The reasons it can be problematic is because if you are bad at keeping up with garden maintenance, it can age your property and make it look messy. To remedy this, it is essential to pick a garden that is not only easy to keep neat and tidy but is also modern in style.

A Zen garden in a smart choice for a modern home frontage.

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In particular, Zen style stone gardens, or planter gardens filled with cacti and succulents can fulfil this requirement very well. This is because they are easy to plant and to look after, and they look neat and tidy with only a small amount of effort, something that can boost the look of the front of your home overall.

Of course, the other option is to employ someone professional to come and do you garden for you. Yes, this may cost a little more money that you would like, but if you have a regular lawn cutting services as well as someone that will trim and water your plants you will be able to keep the frontage of your house looking it’s best with little to no effort from yourself.

The front wall of your home.

Don’t forget either, the front wall or face of your home when it comes to creating a fresh and modern feel. Of course, flaking paintwork will not do, and this means keeping up with the maintenance on the front of your home is essential.

In particular, be wary of creeping plants that may look go, to begin with, but can quickly get overgrown and messy. Such plants can also actually damage the front of your home and pull off bits of plaster and paint, so keep them trimmed down to a minimum or remove them altogether for a cleaner more modern look.

Lastly, don’t forget to regularly clean or paint the front wall of your home, because this is often visible from the street. If you would prefer to clean the wall, then doing so with a power washer can be an easy way of getting a fantastic result. You can even rent these from tool suppliers as well, so you won’t have to pay out for the total product cost to get the job done.

Of course, if you would rather paint the front facade of your home, you will need to consider what will be required for this job carefully before you begin. In some cases, a long ladder and roller will be enough, but for larger properties, it may take scaffolding to reach all of the front walls. Something that you will need to find a company to install professionally for you if you want the entire frontage of your home to look as fresh and as modern as possible.

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