Long Distance Moving – The Biggest Challenges To Overcome

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Moving home can be a challenging experience at the best of times. But when you are uprooting your entire life and family to live a long distance away, it can increase the stress levels tenfold. There is some interesting issue to overcome – far more so than moving house within a city’s limits. And in this guide, we’re going to explore some of the biggest problems you might face. Read on to find out more!


Get the right insurance

As parksmoving.com/ discuss, interstate moving involves a lot of attention to detail – far more so than a simple van load across a town or city. One of the biggest issues is insurance, and it’s vital that you ask your moving company to explain the exact coverage you will be able to get. Like it or not, moving is a high-risk activity, and when you throw a few thousand miles into the equation, you increase your chances of needing an insurance claim. If you don’t have the right cover, you may end up losing more than you might think.

Pack properly

As your mover will tell you, it’s critical that you pack everything properly, so each of your possessions is cushioned as much as possible. As we discussed above, the distances involved mean that your items will be managed by many different people and travel many miles, so anything loose may well end up damaged. So, don’t try shaving a few dollars off your expenses by finding inadequate packing boxes. Buy the highest possible quality you can find instead.

Value your furniture

Your furniture is large, heavy, and bulky. That means it takes up a lot of space on a truck and will end up costing you a lot of money in transporting fees. As a result, you’ll need to determine whether or not it’s worthwhile taking it with you. As livingonadime.com/ suggests, the cost of transporting your heaviest possessions may actually be more than it would cost you to sell it and buy new gear for the new home. So, value your furniture and see what you can get for it. Obviously, there will be a few pieces that you have an emotional attachment with, but for everything else? It’s a great opportunity to sell it, and use the cash to get huge discounts on new pieces.


Outdoor furniture

One thing you may not realize when moving long distances is that you need to check all your outdoor furniture. There are regulations for transporting certain types of furniture across state lines, and if there are signs of insect or larvae infestation, you may well be breaking the law. Talk to your moving company, and also check government and state regulations to ensure you are traveling within the law.

Take a bag

Finally, make sure you have a single bag with all your most important documents in it. You will need things like a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate and recent bank statements and tax returns. This ensures you will have everything you need once you get to the other side – and no worries about having to travel all the way back to find your lost documents! Good luck with the big move!

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