Putting More Love Into Your Rooms: Try DIY

Welcome Back Boo,

Who else has that midweek feeling?

Loving the house you live in can come very naturally. It’s the place you bunk down for some sweet sleep every night, it’s the place you can let loose with some music and a hairbrush to sing into, and it’s the place you can cook up a storm with a meal you wouldn’t get at any fancy restaurant in town. But there’s a lot of reasons it can be hard to fall in love with your own place; namely lack of space, lack of functionality, and there’s always a light bulb that’s on the fritz in the bathroom.

But all that can be fixed with a little bit of DIY, and finally putting some tender loving care into your surroundings. Doing a bit of maintenance  yourself is always nice in thought, but rarely non-strenuous in practice… And that means we often like to leave the idea of DIY out in the shed, and sum up all the courage (and a free weekend) to get some shelves put up, or to re-wallpaper the upstairs hallway. Either way, now’s the time to put a stop to these habits, and to add a little more life and love to your rooms.


Arrange Your Seating Better

Your living room is the first room guests see, and it’s the first place they’ll sit down and try to make themselves comfortable. So when it comes to designing your house to be better in terms of looks and use, this is where you should start. First of all, where you’ve pushed your sofa: is it in front of the TV at least, where you don’t have to twist and turn? Being able to retain good posture and a non-cricked neck is key to having a good living room experience.

Your seating arrangement, most of all, needs to look inviting. It needs to look soft and warm enough for someone to want to sink into, and that means padding it out a little to make sure your backside feels like it could sink away into the cushion. Head to efoam.co.uk for some products to help out with this, as no amount of blankets or scatter cushions are going to fix this problem up for you. A bit of elbow grease to shove some foam inside and no one’s ever going to know you’ve had the same sofa for ten years now. That’s the power of a bit of DIY!

Add to Your Bookshelf

Your bookshelf is probably overflowing a little right now, and you’ve only got plans to add more and more books and media to it. It’s something the modern person does a lot; we like books and the look and feel of owning them, but rarely do we get around to reading them. So now’s the time to dig out your toolbox and some planks of wood everyone seems to have in the cupboard under the stairs, and get to building some new shelves for yourself.

These shelves don’t have to be conventional by any means; there’s plenty of wacky and weird designs out there, and if you make a mistake with the spirit level, you can just pass it off as another intentional choice. If you like the idea of building your own floor to ceiling shelf, with all the frames and supports you can, there’s some good instructions for you here. But feel free to just grab some old book ends, nail them to your wall, balance some planks on top or in any orientation you like, and screw it all together.

Think About Your Lighting

You’re going to love being able to turn off the overhead lighting in favour of having something cozy and intimate in front of you: get some jars, get some candles, get some matches and put them all together! If you’ve got some paint left over around the house, paint these jars up as well; there’s nothing like introducing a pop of colour to your sandy walls and white rug. With that in mind, here’s a quick video tutorial on finally using up all those jam jars you’ve been keeping, knowing one day you’d need them:

(Video by DIY with Caitlin)

You can also change out your lampshades with relative ease, and screw on something that’s going to fan the light out over the room better.

DIY is a weapon everyone has in their arsenal, and you should put it to good use! Putting more love into your rooms involves really getting crafty, so get to it with a bit of DIY!

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo



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