Proof That Living Off The Land Is About More Than Growing Veg

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When people use the phrase ‘living off the land’, most of us imagine pitchforks, straw hats, and a ‘The Good Life’ style set up. And, for many modern homeowners out there, that idea doesn’t appeal. To you, Twitter is a form of social media. And, frankly, all that muck doesn’t adhere to the Insta-interior you’ve worked so hard for.

But, while growing veg is an undeniably way to make money from your property, it’s by no means your only option. In fact, there are many more modern ways to make and save money from your house. Even better, none of them involves even the slightest bit of muck under your nails. And, if anything, they’ll make your home interiors look even more appealing. So, without further ado, let’s look at a millennial’s guide to living off the land.

Open an Airbnb

You may love staying in stunning Airbnb’s, but have you ever considered starting one? Whether you convert an outhouse or give up your spare bedroom; this is sure to see you pulling the pounds. With even a cheap option ranging at around £50 per night, this is sure to see you making significant money. Far from digging up dirt, getting ready here involves nothing more than interiors. With aesthetic being everything in Airbnbs, you merely need to apply your Insta-worth decoration to the cause. Yes, we are talking minimalist designs, inspirational quotes, and even stunning soft-furnishings. It’s a millennial dream and one which you could get stuck into merely by turning your attention to it.


Consider your heating

We know what you’re thinking; how could heating save or make you money? Surely the opposite is true? Think again. There are some alternative options which could see you living off the land you have. Forget that hefty boiler; why don’t you install something like these heating oil tanks in your garden? By drawing heat from a home oil supply, you can save money on hefty supplier bills. The only downside here is the environmental implications. If they worry you, go to the opposite end of the scale by installing solar panels. Again, they ensure you’re self-sufficient. They also allow you to do your bit for the environment. And, they could well earn you money if you sell your excess energy.

Renovate your home

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Believe it or not, even embarking on various renovation projects around the home could count as living off the land in a way. After all, the vast majority of options here go a long way towards increasing the value of your home. As a result, you stand to earn much more than you would have when you come to sell. Though the benefit may be delayed, your efforts here will also see you pulling a profit from your property. As if that’s not enough, you get to reap the rewards until the time comes. Bear in mind, though, that some renovations are more valuable than others. Do your research to ensure your efforts here would be worthwhile.

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