3 Simple Steps To The Perfect Summer Barbecue

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We are well and truly in the throes of summer. The balmy weather is leaving us with sticky backs, enduring sleepless nights and feeling at a loss to know what to cook for dinner. We might have these grand plans of utilising our ovens to cook something quick and convenient, but this can just heat our homes up even more. Our kitchens can quickly become Dante’s Inferno. Instead, you should consider using your trusty barbecue a little more. While not every evening will be a party-like atmosphere, you can use the sun, the climate and the relentless heat as an excuse to have guests around to eat a little more often. Take a look at these three simple steps to the perfect summer barbecue.

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The paramount aspect to any barbecue is the grub. Sure, you could whip on a few burgers and sausages, but don’t you want your barbecue to be a tad more memorable. Opt for some cajun inspired prawn kebabs, go for the pulled pork sliders and don’t forget the humble barbecued baked potato. It’s not just the grilled hot food that makes a summer backyard soiree. The accompaniments can take a lot of beating. Homemade coleslaw, burger relish, chips and dips and summery salads are vital to ensure a well balanced and enjoyable meal. By having plenty of variety, you can cater to all of your guests.


Summer evenings are best spent in the company of friends, so invite your pals around to yours and enjoy the ambience and vibe of your back garden. Uncork the Oddbins wines that you’ve been keeping cool in the fridge and enjoy sampling a rose or two in the comfort of your own home. Being the perfect host means making sure the drink is flowing and that there is a variety of beverages on offer. Designated drivers will need something of the non-alcoholic variety that isn’t just water or a soft drink. Purchase a few bottles of fruit punch, summery elderflower cordial or non-alcoholic ciders. This way, the person on driving duty won’t feel too left out.

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A barbecue should be a relatively informal affair, so set up your garden accordingly. Place some beanbags on the lawn, have some patio furniture out and have a spread of food that your guests can help themselves to. Put some laid back summer tunes on and allow your guests to have a chilled out time. Create zones in your outdoor area; ensure the barbecue is off limits to little human beings, have a kids play area on the lawn, have a more formal seating area and facilitate an ad-hoc dancefloor for anyone who wants to throw some shapes. Keep your barbecue relaxed for the perfect informal vibe.

Perfecting the summer barbecue is no easy task. However, if you plan in advance, prepare your food, cook what you know, keep the drink flowing and have an adequate outdoor space for your soiree, you can be sure that a good time will be had by all.

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