Impressing Your Boyfriend/Husband With Fashion Gifts

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It can be said without prejudice that women love fashion more than men do. Looking and dressing well is something that women simply care more about. Therefore if you’re into something more than the next person, chances are you’re much more adept at it. We should be trying to be versatile and learn about men’s fashion as we would want them to learn about ours. Yet we can’t sit on our high horse and expect them to understand or learn about what we want them to, without giving something back in return. Often times, men will be in tune with the basics of male high fashion. It’s not hard to understand, as they’re introduced to suits early on in life. Whether they are basic, knowledgeable or somewhere in between, we can have some kind of healthy impact on their own fashion. Don’t impeach on their style, just give them these helpful suggestions.

Fighting the wind

Ever seen a movie or tv show where the man’s tie is just flopping about all over the place? That is something men have to deal with if they’re walking around with no jacket. Even then, with the button undone, it’s very easy for the jacket and tie to be caught by the wind and be lofted up into their face. A stainless steel tie clip would be a simple yet elegant solution to this. It’s subtle, is hardly ever seen except if the wearer chooses to expose it as part of their style. It can be worn by any kind of tie, no matter what color, theme, style, design or material, a tie clip goes well with all and simply keeps the tie from becoming untamed.

Linked and shoot

The term ‘shoot your cuffs’ is not often heard in modern society. But it’s impact is still being felt as every man subconsciously knows what it means. When your boyfriend or husband is wearing a suit, it’s common for the cuffs of their shirt to become caught in the jacket sleeves. This isn’t just practically annoying but it bends and distorts the cuffs, ruining their rigidity and shape. Therefore, ‘shooting’ the cuffs out from the sleeves, and leaving them exposed by a couple of centimeters looks slick and also helps the suit and shirt work together. Cufflinks, however, help to keep the shirt outside the jacket at all times. Consider giving your partner a pair of cufflinks as a present. Again, stainless steel is a great material to pick, but as for the design, that’s for you to decide. Factor in their personality and you’ll find something that will go.

The staple

Any man that wants to look sharp, needs a brilliant tie. Look at the John Henric ties and you’ll get a glimpse of what this means. Ties made from cotton, silk and wool are the most popular; avoid synthetics if you can. There are so many designs, from informal, to formal, colorful to bold. The tie is the staple of any suit and or shirt. It’s a piece of clothing that is very versatile also, so you can be sure he will love it if you get him something that fits himself.

Women should make the effort to learn about men’s fashion so that one day, our partners make pay more attention and appreciate our fashion sense. But first, we need to start off with showing them we know a thing or two about men’s high clothing styles.

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