Top 3 Bathroom Trends For 2018

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When talking interior design trends, the bathroom is perhaps not the first room that comes to mind. Sure, you’ll think about soothing colours for the bedroom and a chic coffee table for the living room, but the bathroom seems like it should have just a bit tiles and plumbing.

Image link: Pexels

It is actually a difficult room to design the way you want, not just because it tends to cost quite a bit to swap out that sink or bathtub, but also because bathrooms are known to be quite plain. Rather white, clean, and shiny than messy, right?

If your bathroom is in urgent need of some attention, just have a look at the trends for 2018 below. While some of it may cost a bit, you should be able to find something that suits your budget.

#1 Indigo blue

While white is still a classic bathroom colour, people are starting to spice it up a bit. We’re not just talking neutral colours or adding a bit of earth shades to the white – the trend is tilting in favour of using rather daring colours.

Indigo blue, for example, is both strong and bold, but it’s also suitable for the bathroom as it reminds us of the ocean. It will also go great with whatever neutral colour you already have in your bathroom, no matter if it’s grey or white.

It just gives your bathroom that extra splash of sophistication that you’ve been looking for.

#2 Sunken baths

Alright, you can introduce indigo blue to your bathroom for next to nothing, so it’s time to look at a pricier trend. Sunken baths are all the rage lately as it gives you that spa-feeling at home. Have a look at the tub section of if you don’t know what these baths look like.

It adds a bold sculptural look to your bathroom and should be matched with something else that’s eye-catching such as these bathroom plants at

It’s going to be the centerpiece of your bathroom nonetheless, so try putting it in the middle of the room if you’re able to.

#3 His and hers shower

If you’re about to upgrade your bathroom but not really looking for a tub, you should consider going all out with a double shower. It’s kind of the same idea as a double washbasin, just that you get to shower at the same time instead of just washing your hands.

It’s going to cost a bit extra, that’s for sure, but it will look luxurious and you’ll even be able to keep each other company while showering. Definitely worth the money.

There you have it; the top three bathroom trends for 2018. There are actually so many fun things to do with your bathroom if you just get some inspiration first – and it doesn’t just have to be white and boring all the time either.

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