3 Fun Date Night Ideas For The Weekend

Welcome back boo,

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Starting to get tired of cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie every time you want to do something together? Or those long waits for the waiter to bring your food – before you sit for half an hour after your meal, just waiting for the bill to arrive. Luckily, there are way more fun things to do on a romantic date night that doesn’t involve movies or dinners at the restaurant.

Image by: Pexels

Here is a handful of fun ideas for a date night you can enjoy this weekend. Some of them might cost a bit, while others cost next to nothing so that you can find one that suits your budget perfectly.

#1 Go for a hike

Sure, just going for a hike doesn’t sound all that romantic and fun – but it’s what you do with the hike that really matters. When you hike towards a certain scenic destination, bring a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and a blanket to sit on, you’ll enjoy the trip way more.

Try to pack something you’ll actually look forward to eating, though, that goes beyond dry sandwiches. Cheese, crackers, grapes, and wine are always a great match and it’s the perfect finger food as well.

Find a path that suits your fitness level as well as one that’s actually scenic and beautiful. It’s supposed to be an experience and a mere walk around the neighbourhood is not really the same.

#2 Take a dance class

If you ever wanted to learn how to dance properly, a dance class is the perfect choice for you. Plus, your date can’t really resist being your dance partner if you tempt him or her with some latin dance classes. It’s great exercise too, and you’ll have way more fun than you could ever have at the cinema.

Another point to this is that you’ll be able to get into an activity together that actually helps you to connect even more. Maybe it even becomes something you want to do again – maybe you win the national latin dance competition together, who knows?

#3 Bake a cake

Sure, everyone knows that cooking dinner together is both sweet and romantic – but what about dessert? Baking a cake tends to take a lot of time and it requires a certain amount of precision which the two of you could help each other out with.

You get to spend an hour together in the kitchen before having a glass of wine while the dessert is in the oven, and it’s a way better treat than just eating dinner.

Almost anything you do together can be turned into a date night, but it’s first when you put some effort into making it romantic that it actually feels like a date. Do a little something together every weekend and call it a date night – that way, you’ll feel like the most romantic couple ever.

Remember to keep on slaying,

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