Has The Industrial Style Have Your Sold Yet?

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Lately there’s been an influx of industrial-style lovers in the interior design world. There is a multitude of reasons for this but, allow a theory to float in your mind. Because there are so many people wanting homes, sometimes even unkempt and deteriorating homes are being made livable. Any kind of structural safety concerns are taken care of and whatever is left, such as the bare basics of the home are sold. So what happens is, bare brick walls, old metal fittings and fixtures are still standing strong albeit looking dull and weathered. So, rather than try to change this, it’s adopted as style itself. It could also be that it’s a branch from the brutalist and minimalist style although the latter seems to have come after both. Whatever the reason is, the industrial decor style for homes is catching on. If you’re not totally sold yet, consider these options.

The cafe look

Go into any cosmopolitan city and there will be a plethora of coffee shops that have adopted the industrial style. They take on the image of the concrete jungle, the weathered and worn, and quite possibly an old and aged building. Even buildings form the late 20th-century were built with steel structures and expensive wood and concrete slabs. So the look that you get in the modern hipster cafes is trying to recreate that of the 1950s and earlier. Bare brick walls have an earthly quality to them. Because each brick is exposed, the wall becomes more stoic and looks raw and honest. You can have this look in your own home by simply, carefully taking the wallpaper off. You may need to employ a professional to do it so that in the process no wires and pipes are harmed. The room in which this is done is important as once you make the decision it’s going to be experienced by all those that walk into it. The lounge or living room are popular choices, but virtually any room is okay.

Some steampunk lighting

It’s grungy, it’s raw it’s a little bit steampunk. The industrial look is something of an enjoyment of a possible futuristic dystopia, whereby the artistic nature of buildings is left on the side of the road in favor for something more in your face. Industrial lighting is needed in this kind environment to complete the atmosphere. The Aston Lantern with clear glass top has its innards exposed and you can see the wiring and metal lamp necks hanging down. The bulb is large and tall, exposing the spirals of coil that shine bright when the lantern is switched on. The glass itself can be clear, smokey, ribbed, or white. As to what kind of metal you want, is also your choice as customisation plays a big role in certain kinds of industrial brands. Overall it has an elongated dome shape, which looks retro but also a little curvacious and ornate.

The industrial style of interior decor is catching on because it takes what may be considered old-fashioned and brings it up to the present day in an altered steampunk look. The bare walls are a show of strength and survivability, and the hanging lantern mixes modern engineering with 20th-century aesthetics.

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