How To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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We often spend a long time ensuring that the insides of our homes look just right, and not enough time focusing on what’s going on around the home. When people do dedicate some time to the outside, it’s usually the backyard area that gets their attention. But let’s think about the front of the house for a while. This is what you see every time you enter your house and the only thing about your property that passersby see. Research has shown that ‘curb appeal,’ as it’s called, plays a big factor when people are deciding whether to buy a house or not. But even if you’re not going to sell your home, it’s still worthwhile putting the time in getting it right.


Switch Out That Front Door

It’s amazing how many people ignore their front door. It plays a huge role in the initial look of your property! Actually, it’s a little strange just how much of an effect it can have. You take notice when you walk past a house that has an enviable front door and just ignore the ones that look ‘standard issue.’ They’re also an opportunity to show off some of your personality, too. Go wooden, go bright. You’ll always get a small thrill when you walk through the door.

Updated Look

People don’t often think about painting the outside of their house, but they should. If you’re quick to change the inside of your house when the decor becomes dated, why would you leave the exterior to its own devices? It’s aging too. You shouldn’t tackle the job yourself; instead, hire professional painters to do the job for you. The question to ask is what color you go for: do you refresh the existing color, or go down a different route? Be aware that an unusual color might make it difficult to sell further on down the line, so it’s probably better to play it safe with traditional colors.

Get Landscaping

Even if you’ve only got a small plot of land in front of your home, you should still do something with it. People put a lot of effort into landscaping their backyard spaces, and not nearly enough effort in taking care of the front of their home. You don’t have to go overboard, however: a simple, manicured lawn and some flowers will be enough to elevate the look.

Change the Windows

Like everything else in your property, your windows are going to become dated. But because most people don’t think of them like this, homeowners rarely take the time to change them. But it’s worth it! They’re not just something to give a view from the inside of your home; having the right windows can add to the overall aesthetic of your house.

Gates and Numbers

Finally, think about the “everyday” things that could be a bit more lively. In particular, your house number/name sign and your front gate, if you have one. You can get funky with these aspects and improve the look of your home!

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