3 Things to Do When Noticing Your Piercing Swelling

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Right after you’ve had your first piercing, it’s difficult not to pay attention to it. Not just because it’s a brand new addition to your face or body – but also because you need to clean it, care for it, and give it time to heal;. Inevitably, this comes with a bit of pain and discomfort but, as long as you know how to take care of it, the pain goes away rather quickly.

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Here is a quick and straightforward guide to how you can care for your new piercing as well as what you should do if you notice swelling, redness, heat or fluid coming out of the wound. It is, after all, a wound until your body has managed to heal it. Until then, you need to know what to do in case of an emergency as well as on a day-to-day basis.

#1 Keep it clean

The most important thing you can do for yourself is, of course, to avoid an infection with everything you do. Not only will an infection be very painful, but you’ll also have to take that piercing out and everything you’ve done will have been for nothing. Learn how to care for it during the first couple of weeks, in other words, and you should be fine.

Keeping it clean is the best way to avoid this. Clean it with soap and water twice a day, and have a look at this article for the best soaps to clean your piercing with. That way, you can feel a bit more confident when you complete your cleaning routine.

Remember that you can turn it if you want to – but try not to do this unless it’s wet. The best time to turn it is, therefore, while you’re cleaning it, and avoid it at all costs when it’s dry.

#2 Apply ice

Noticing that area you’ve pierced is red, swollen, warm, or even pushing out liquid may be enough for a lot of people to panic – and especially when you have chosen a larger one such as industrial piercing barbells. Yet, it doesn’t have to mean that your piercing is infected – in fact, nine out of ten times, it will just be irritated.

Apply some ice to keep it cool and reduce the swelling, and give yourself some time to see if this doesn’t reduce it. Make sure that you have a good piercing shop to talk to in case you should have any questions, and they should be able to keep you relaxed.

#3 Head off to the piercing shop

When the ice doesn’t work and the swelling continues, it’s time to visit the piercing shop. They will be able to give you knowledgeable advice on what’s going on, and it’s far better to have a relaxing chat with them rather than trotting the web in search for answers or just asking your friends.

The piercing professionals are always the best ones to ask, so head over there if you’re starting to get seriously worried. As a worst case scenario, they’ll see that it’s infected and just take it out so that your body is able to heal.

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