The Looks That Everyone Will Be Loving This Autumn

Welcome back boo!

If you are anything like the people of London, you will have packed away your summer clothes, sandals, and dresses, and be making way for your winter coats, ankle boots, and blanket scarves. The summer weather seems to be well and truly behind us, as even if we are getting sunshine, it has a much cooler edge to it.

This transitional period is the perfect time to update your wardrobe for autumn and winter, before the properly cold weather comes our way. You can still get away with a summer dress, leather jacket, and ankle boots, for instance, before getting the thick tights out and chunky knits. But what are the best things to be wearing this autumn? Here are some of the things to be looking out for and the kind of outfits that will look good. What are your favourite things about autumn, other than all things pumpkin spice? It would be great to hear what you think.


Denim, Polo Neck, Baker Boy Hat

Double denim is a style that is set to carry on over autumn and winter. But to give it more of an edge, styling your denim with a dark polo neck jumper and a Baker boy hat, gives you plenty of style, while still rocking a pretty casual ‘Newsies’ look. The hat is a winner on bad hair days, as well as keeping you warm in the colder weather.

Slip Dresses

For keeping this more formal this autumn and winter, it is all about slip dresses. They look effortless and chic, and can be dressed up or dressed down. But style it with an understated peacoat and some heeled ankle boots, and you have an effortless chic look for the office or a dinner date.


Blanket Scarves

Scarves are great for many reasons as they not only work to keep you warm, but are a great way to layer an outfit, and give it something extra. But for autumn and winter, it is definitely about more being more, which is where blanket scarves come in. Like pure Kashmiri shawls, they can be draped as a shawl, as well as used as a chunky scarf around your neck. Choose a few colours and you’ll have one for all occasions.

Tweed Jackets

This season, the jacket of choice is a tweed blazer-style jacket that Jackie O would be proud of. It is a simple way to dress up a casual outfit, and add some instant class. A white tee, denim skinny jeans and a pair of classic pumps is the look to go for.

Animal Prints

Anyone who is anyone is wearing animal print at the moment, and it is a great look for autumn and winter. You can layer an animal print dress with long cardigans and tights, or throw an animal print cardigan on over a pair of black skinnies, a polo neck, and pumps. If you’re not feeling a whole animal print outfit, then a pair of shoes or accessorising with an animal print bag can be a good homage to the trend.

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