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Think about pretty much everything we use on a daily basis. Food, makeup, body lotions and washes, the furniture we buy… most of it has something that isn’t natural about it. We’re so used to putting things into, onto, or around or bodies that contain harmful toxins, that we don’t even think about what we’re doing. But, that’s not to say that we should stop using them altogether. Some things we just can’t live without, right? Wrong, for everything you use that has harmful toxins in, you can find a natural replacement. This applies for the majority of things, bar maybe cleaning products. Living a natural life and focusing on the products that allow this, is allowing your life to be a healthy and happy one. While most of you might not even have given a thought to the toxins in the products we use around the home, we think this article will open your eyes to some of the most common, and how you can change what you’re using. If you want to keep your home natural, have a read on to find out the alternatives you could have!

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Household Products

There’s not denying that you’ll probably spend a lot of money on household items during the course of a month. From cleaning products to body products, they’re always on your shopping list. But these items are the most toxic in terms of the ingredients that they contain, which is why they do such a good job at what they’re doing. But, are these ingredients any good for your skin or for your body? No, they’re not! So, let’s start with cleaning products first. There aren’t many natural cleaning products, because the chemical agents you find in them are what kills the germs. But, you can make homemade alternatives that will do a great job of keeping your home in tip top shape. One of the most common is baking soda and vinegar. We know it’s not all natural, but it’s so much better than the harmful chemicals that you’ll find in supermarket surface cleaner. What about when you get a horrible stain on your carpet, and you have to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away to try and get the stain out? Power chemicals are at work here trying to remove the deep stain that will have formed, but you can get a natural carpet cleaning solution that will do a perfect job. So you see, you don’t always have to reach for the most harmful cleaning solutions around the home. You can easily lead a natural lifestyle, no matter what the issue is that you’re having around the home. The same goes for body and hair washes. There are now natural alternatives on the shelf in the supermarkets for all of these, you just have to look!


We want to talk about furniture such as your desk, coffee table, kitchen table etc. Anything wooden that you might have in your home. Underneath it’ll be nice and natural, but on the surface it will most likely have been painted and varnished. We know that they look fabulous, but have you ever considered upcycling an old piece, or creating your own? You can easily take all of these chemical additions that you’ll find on top off by sanding down the piece of wood. What you’re left with is the bare wood, and we think this looks so much more natural and nice compared to the varnish finish that you can get. Especially when talking about coffee tables or kitchen tables. If you were to upcycling, all you have to do is take a piece of wooden furniture that you were about to throw out, and strip it down. With all that chipped and stained paint gone, you will be left with a beautiful finish, and a table that is ready to be used!


You might not even care about the chemicals that are in your foods, especially if you’re a big foody. But, we want to talk about them anyway, because the damage that they can do to your body without you even realising is so bad. For example, fizzy drinks, canned foods, and sweets all have so many preservatives and chemicals in them to allow them to stay edible for so long. The damage these can do to your organs and stomach over time is terrible, but we don’t think about it because they taste so good. This might not appeal to you all, but switching to an organic diet would be so good for your health if you just gave it a go!

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