How To Stop Relying On Your Parents As An Adult


We all like to think we are independent by the age of 18 but the truth is that logic is nonsense. Whether we’re teenagers or in our twenties, grown men and women can’t help but pick up the phone and ask the folks for help. And, there is nothing wrong with it because it is their job. It’s one of the reason pregnancy scares young people straight!

Adulthood does come with rules though, and one of them is to be self-sustaining. That’s difficult when mum and dad are so eager to help. Relying on them only causes us problems in the long-term, so it’s time to stop. Here are the ways how.

Think Before You Phone

As soon as a problem raises its ugly head, it’s tempting to contact mum and dad. In fact, some of us do it automatically without attempting to fix the issue. The comfort blanket is so warm that it’s tough to resist. The trick is to think first and call later. By going through the options in our head, we can come up with the solutions. When we have them, the world doesn’t seem as challenging and there is no need for parental words of wisdom. Well, there is but not in this particular scenario.


One of the main reasons to call ma and pa is money. Without it, the Earth stops spinning and life gets tricky. Thankfully, mum and dad have lots of spare cash (yes, even if they say they don’t) and are always willing to help. Sure, there are occasions when we don’t have any other alternatives and a loan is necessary. However, usually, the funds are available elsewhere if we are willing to hustle by working overtime or starting a new business venture. Debt consolidation loans from Buddy loans can help in the darkest times, too. Plus, there is always haggling.

Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

On the whole, it’s better to have a range of personalities by our side so we can learn more. In this case, it’s savvy if they have one thing in common: independence. Surrounding ourselves with friends who don’t rely on their parents will encourage us to follow their lead. Not only is it a lesson but no one wants to admit their mum lends them money and pays their rent when everyone else works their arses off. When it happens, it’s mortifying.

And Bounce Off Them

The difference between asking friends for help and parents is advice. Mates will offer their point of view whereas mums and dads will tell us what to do and give us what we need to do it. Bouncing off pals is an excellent way to be confident in our next steps because they can offer encouragement as well as tips. Crucially, they don’t tend to give us the answers (money, for example). And, it’s not cheating because we all need a strong support group in our life.

What we don’t need is a nanny who will wipe our bottoms when things get tough.

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo



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