3 Suggestions for Being More Effective in Organising Your Life

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You must have noticed by now that it doesn’t take much to throw your life into a state of disorganisation and chaos, right? Your car breaking down on the way to work one morning, a delayed flight home, or even just waking up on the wrong side of the bed can all throw you off your game in a pretty major way.

It pays to have systems in place to help you stay organised on a daily basis, and to help you get back on track quickly when things go off the rails.

Organised people are just more resilient. They can do more with the time they’ve got, and they can continue to make tangible steps towards their goals even when obstacles appear left and right.

Here are a few suggestions for how to be more productive in organising your life.

Hire professionals to help with some of the more labour-intensive work

There are certain tasks that are just going to be disproportionately time-consuming and draining than others. If your home and garden are filled with clutter, trash, and scrap, that needs to be cleared, deciding to do the job solo is going to mean sacrificing a lot of your time and making plenty of trips to the local disposal yards and recycling centres.

On the other hand, hiring professionals, such as the team at https://www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au/        to clear away the mess, will streamline the whole operation dramatically and save you a huge amount of time and energy.

What applies here for cleaning up, also applies in other areas of life such as business. If you’re starting your own business, hiring a web designer to create your site for you is simply going to streamline the process a lot more than you trying to build your own site, while handling your other professional responsibilities.

Practice “affirmations” and “positive self-talk” constantly

People sometimes get a bit dismissive about the idea of affirmations or positive self-talk, especially people who are a bit more sceptical by nature.

The sceptical argument generally goes something like “you think magic’s going to help you?! Hard work is what it takes”.

In reality, though, a huge number of highly successful people in their respective fields, including figures like Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comics, and actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, have openly stated that affirmations have made all the difference to them.

Yes, you need hard work. But you don’t have to believe in “magic” to believe in the power of positive self-talk. By constantly telling yourself things like “I can do this”, “I’m going to do a great job here” you set the psychological foundations of success. Suffice to say; it’s much easier to organise your life with this kind of positive mindset.

Write things down and use a coherent system for keeping organising your thoughts and schedule

All organised and successful people have some kind of system in place for keeping a coherent log of their thoughts, tracking their to-dos and tasks, and staying on top of the complexities of life.

If you rely on your own memory and spur of the moment inspiration to carry you, you’re simply not going to be in an ideal situation in life, with regards to being effective.

You can use digital planning tools, or you can use popular organisational systems like David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method.

Perhaps the easiest and most effective option for the average person, however, is to use Ryder Carroll’s elegant “Bullet Journal” system.

Remember to keep on slaying,

See you next time xoxo



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