About Me

Hi guys! I’m Cresta, a young British-Nigerian blogger aspiring to have a platform in public relations. Among mastering Beyoncé choreography and watching Olivia Pope take Washington by storm, I spend my time studying Politics and International Relations in the big city of London. My aim is to address key issues that concern my generation in the complex climate that we live in today, share some relatable lifestyle experiences and most importantly, grow as a writer. My blog will feature a little bit of everything from lifestyle, beauty, my student experience and advice and funny story times from my extra af life! Being an interactive blog is central to the growth of the voice of our generation so stay tuned for when I ask YOU to share your experiences and make sure to comment! It could help someone out there seeking advice on the experience you’ve already had (and could also be very entertaining 😉 ) So follow my official Instagram page for regular updates, sneak peaks and a chance to get involved yourself and feature on Cresta’s Confessions. Thankyou so much! 💋

 I have big dreams and goals I’d love to achieve one day so stay tuned..

I am a woman phenomenally. 

Phenomenal woman;

thats me