Start Believing In Financial Healing

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In many ways, money defines our lives. It’s what we spend our days trying to get, and it’s the grease that enables us to move through life with less effort. Without money, life quickly grinds to a halt, you have to rely on other people, you lose your sense of freedom, and you begin to fear the future.

Enlightened people like to think that money is a nice thing to have, but not the be all and end all of our existence. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely important. Alongside love, connection, spirituality, and health, money gives us the stuff in life that we want.

This is why when things go wrong with money, it can be especially painful. People make mistakes with their money all the time. They give it to the wrong people, they invest in the wrong businesses, and they buy the wrong things. Our relationship with money is usually kept on the low: people don’t like talking about it. But when things go awry, it can leave us feeling weak, ashamed, and often depressed.

Healing from money problems is a challenge that many of us will face during our lives. We need to deal with the regret and missed opportunities, and face the fact that sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Money problems can emerge from all sorts of underlying issues. A demanding spouse can put substantial financial pressures on us. A need to buy things just to feel happy can result in huge debts run up on credit cards. Even buying the wrong house in the wrong area can lead to negative equity, killing wealth and leading to terrible regrets in the process.

What is needed is a way to overcome money problems and to heal. Here are some of the steps that you can take to do just that. Continue reading


3 Simple Steps To The Perfect Summer Barbecue

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We are well and truly in the throes of summer. The balmy weather is leaving us with sticky backs, enduring sleepless nights and feeling at a loss to know what to cook for dinner. We might have these grand plans of utilising our ovens to cook something quick and convenient, but this can just heat our homes up even more. Our kitchens can quickly become Dante’s Inferno. Instead, you should consider using your trusty barbecue a little more. While not every evening will be a party-like atmosphere, you can use the sun, the climate and the relentless heat as an excuse to have guests around to eat a little more often. Take a look at these three simple steps to the perfect summer barbecue. Continue reading

Moving Into Student Halls

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If you are getting ready to go to university, you are probably feeling incredibly excited. Most people say that university is the best time of their lives. However, there is no denying that it is a period with a lot of change too. After all, you are likely to be living on your own for the very first time. Plus, the set-up of student accommodation will be different from anything that you are used to.

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Things That are Causing You Stress (and How to Fix Them)!

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There are a lot of stresses that plague our lives on a regular basis, and this can make things much more chaotic. There are always worries and problems that present themselves in life, but it can often be more complicated than that. We want to have the best life we possibly can for us and our family, and this is something that can cause stress and anxiety.

If you think about it, there are a lot of problems that can often arise as a result of our aspirations for a better life. These days life seems to be much more fast-paced, and there seem to be more problems and things to worry about. So, the best thing to do is consider the major causes of stress in your life, and what you can do to try to fix them and move past them. Continue reading

Saving Money On The Everyday To Help Pay For The Extraordinary

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Sometimes it can feel as though you’re working to live, which can make life very dull in deed. Those everyday bills and expenses need to be paid, but when you’re struggling to afford holidays and being able to enjoy yourself – you’ve got to wonder if it’s worth it.

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To help you get the most of your income to help you save for your next adventure, take a look at some great tips for saving money on the everyday to help you pay for the extraordinary. Continue reading

Down A (Tent) Peg or Two- Camping for Novices

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When you are looking for fun activities, but want something that gets you a little bit closer to nature, why don’t you consider going camping? Amazingly, so many people don’t go camping anymore. We need our home comforts, our internet connection, and the ability to tweet and Instagram wherever we go. So, getting away from the constraints of modern life is, most definitely, what the doctor ordered. Whether you are looking for somewhere to go with your family, or you’ve never been camping, so you want to experience it by yourself, how do you get started? Continue reading

A Movie Lover’s Tour of London

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A visit to London usually involves seeing a lot of the tourist sites like the Houses of Parliament or Big Ben or heading out to some of the smaller boroughs that have become havens for hip bars and restaurants. It’s a big place and there’s so much to do, but it can still get a little boring if you’ve been loads of times before. Next time you head back, you need a new way to see the city. If you’re a movie buff, why not take a trip around some of the sights from the most iconic movies in the world? Here’s your guide to a Hollywood tour of London. Continue reading