Get Your Stuff Together: How To Be A Real Adult

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As a twenty-something year old, you are officially an adult, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel like one. Sure, you’ve finished university, or are close to finishing, and you can drink, and drive, and get a credit card, which leaves you feeling pretty close to what an “adult” is supposed to be. But then you look around and see people your age who clearly have their stuff together, and you just don’t. It’s normal to feel this way from time to time, but rather than stew in these feelings, it’s vital that you do what you can to resolve them. Here are six things you can do. Okay, lets do it! 

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Is University Worth It?

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You guys know that I am currently studying at university. This week I really want to discuss a question lots of my younger followers ask me; is university really worth it? Is it worth the £45K+ debt? Is it worth the three years of time that I could have used jumping straight into employment and getting experience? Is it worth the stress and mental challenges? Are you guaranteed a job afterwards? In light of recent governmental events, is it worth the inconvenient strikes? My answer to all of these in a nutshell is- University is what YOU make of it (I know, cliche right?) but there are a few things I want to share that could apply to future and current students. LET’S DO IT.

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Phenomenal Woman; The Competitive Transition Into Adulthood.

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Since starting this blog, my real passion truly resonates in our generation’s FUTURE as the heir to the throne we call ‘earth’. So today I want to celebrate femininity– a post inspired by my favourite poetic piece; Maya Angelou~ Phenomenal Woman.

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. 
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   
But when I start to tell them, 
They think I’m telling lies. 
I say, 
It’s in the reach of my arms, 
The span of my hips,   
The stride of my step,   
The curl of my lips.   
I’m a woman 
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me. 
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Uni Decor on a Budget: How To Transform Your Room from Basic To MTV Cribs

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This post can apply to anyone decorating their room but my fellow students; I am talking to you! I LOVE interior design so about 90% of my excitement for uni stemmed from getting to decorate my room from SCRATCH. Everyone knows uni accommodation is what? RATCHET! Don’t you want to turn your room from drab to decor goals? And y’all know I wouldn’t come to you without hooking you up with the best places to go to save that coin! So continue reading to find out how I transformed my space from THIS:


To This (YASSSS b*tch):


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How To DIY on a Budget: Gutter to Glam Interior Decor

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My love for interior design grows everyday and I love doing it MYSELF! I always thought revamping items that most would usually just throw away was the best way to save money and get my creative hat on. So if you want to know how I went from THIS:


to THIS (oh yes):

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How To Financially Prepare for Uni; Boujee Budgets

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With the next academic year vastly approaching, I thought it only fitting to share some tips on how to financially prepare yourself for university! Most people overlook this part of planning among all the excitement but I think planning out your money and expenditure BEFORE starting each term is the most important part of preparation. Setting yourself up for financial stability will make your uni experience even more fun and 10X less stressful! So if you want to know how I personally make sure all my coins are together and my bank account is looking right keep on reading.. okay, LETS DO IT.

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Freshers Week: 10 Tips on How To Make The Most Out of It

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It’s about that time again, that week where you get to unleash your inner crazy and spend all 168 hours of it waved AF. As we are less than a month away from the ratchet antics that we call freshers week, I thought I’d share 10 tips, based on my experience, on how to make the most of this time. So, let’s get straight into it.

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