What To Do To Make Your Life More Meaningful

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One of the worst things that people are prone to today is waking up, going to work, coming back, watching TV, and doing it all over again. Maybe a weekend away or a holiday in between, but still – it doesn’t make for a very meaningful life, does it?

Living a meaningful life means having goals, helping others, being content most days, and most of all – not having that feeling that something is missing. You should feel satisfaction with your life for the most part.

The mistake many people make, though, is thinking that they can find a meaning or satisfaction and their work be done. This is not the case. Making sure you live a meaningful life that you’re happy with is an ongoing thing. Things are ever changing and evolving, so why shouldn’t you? Something that gave your life meaning six months ago may not give your life meaning now!

Here’s what you should do to make your life more meaningful for the long run:


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Got Guests Coming Over? Here’s How To Prepare Your Home For Their Arrival!

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Inviting guests to your home is one of those things you instantly regret. After the excitement of inviting them is over, you slowly realize that you’ve actually just asked people to your home. This means they will see your home, this means they will judge your home, and this means you need to get straight into action and prepare your property for their presence. If you’ve got guests coming over this weekend, or maybe plan on having some round in the future, then here’s how you get your home ready for their arrival. Continue reading

My take on the Me Too Movement; Staying safe!

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So I’ve been wanting to discuss an important issue for quite some time now. The Me Too movement is a movement which I think has infiltrated all areas of the media in 2018 but the underlying issue itself has always been present in every woman’s life in one way or another since pretty much the beginning of humanity. I want to make a mini series out of this where I speak about different elements of the movement in every post as I don’t think such a topic can be debunked in ONE post! Y’all know how passionate I am about not only empowering women but also ensuring our safety. So I have partnered up with We Love Dates to tell you a bit more about how to stay safe, and combat sexual harassment and abuse particularly on online dating platforms and out on dates; something everyone (including myself) does not consider enough these days.  Continue reading

My Favourite Restaurants in London; Treat Yourself

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Today, I’m sharing my favourite restaurants in London. I’ll warn you now.. those coins I told you to save.. yeah, that’s cancelled. This post is more about treating yourself and being frivolous if you are a budgeting student like me. When you get that grade you grinded for, when you finish that essay, when you ace that exam, it is SO important to reward yourself. So, stay tuned if you want to find out WHERE to go to tantalise those taste buds hunny, YAS. Okay, LETS DO IT.

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Real Talk; Confessions of a Young Woman

Hi, I’m Cresta, a young woman aspiring to have a platform in public relations. Among mastering Beyoncé choreography and watching Olivia Pope take Washington by storm, I spend my time studying Politics and International Relations in the big city of London. My aim is to address key issues that concern my generation in the complex climate that we live in today, share some relatable lifestyle experiences about anything and everything and most importantly, grow as a writer. I have big dreams and goals I’d love to achieve one day so stay tuned..

London skyline at sunset including the London Eye, Hungerford Foot Bridge and the Houses of Parliament

London skyline at sunset including the London Eye, Hungerford Foot Bridge and the Houses of Parliament